Saturday, June 19, 2010

cpe trial

Well we managed to get our two runs in before the temps even reached 80. Plus, the day before, some of my classmates had staked out a shady spot under some trees. So, I was able to park my car under a tree and set the dog's pen there too. They never even panted.

Oreo's first run was Colors. A favorite. You choose the course you want to run, out of two options. The courses are always short. I chose the circle course.

Oreo was definitely not as relaxed at this trial as he was last weekend at the teacup trial. Not sure why. Probably because there were a lot more people there. They were doing 665 runs today. 165 dogs. Plus, we only trialed there once and that was over a year ago.

Here is a video of our colors run. Oreo almost decided to do the square course, as he headed toward the A-Frame, but I was able to get him to the jump. You can see him get stressed around the tire when he notices the judge. I wish I hadn't of front crossed there, as I could've offered a barrier between Oreo and the judge. It may have eased his stress level. We ended up in second place, and a Q. Not too shabby.

Then we did standard. Here is the map.
Notice how in the beginning we have to turn back toward the start line, where all the commotion is. Oreo popped out of the weaves. I decided to turn him and sent him to the tunnel, rather than put him back in the poles. Oreo really started to pick up speed on the jumps after the dogwalk, but then saw the scary judge and balked at the next tunnel and did a long pause on the teeter. No video, and no Q, because we didn't complete the weaves.

I'm beginning to wonder if we will ever get a standard Q at level 3, or if we will be stuck at 3 forever! LOL. We get called for major faults everytime we try, since Oreo "fails to perform" an obstacle. Well, maybe the judge shouldn't have put the obtsacle there in the first place! At least this time it was only 15 faults, unlike the last try when we ended up with 45 faults. I was happy not to see a chute on any of the maps, although I've never seen a chute at any of the CPE trials we've been at. Even the indoor ones.

I was glad we only signed up for two runs, because Oreo clearly wasn't feeling the trial environment today.

All of the trials for the rest of the summer & fall will be at our school. I'm sure Oreo will be more confident there.

We're on a two week agility free hiatus now.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Well, I agree that Oreo didn't look as comfortable at today's trial compared with last weekend's but he still did a good job! It's not bad to go to new places with more people so he can learn to feel more his usual self there too. I like that colors circle course! Very good choice to do the circles. With the standard, the opening that turned back toward the start would've been bad for me too. But no chute in CPE so far for you guys? Then that is the venue for me!!!!

Sara said...

If you decide to try cpe, the games I like are colors, wildcard and jumpers. They are easy, because they are numbered!

Kathy said...

That was a lot bigger trial, I had noticed the tea cup trial was really quiet and you could feel how laid back it was just from the video, so looks like Oreo still did great. YOu both looked FANTASTIC, and those look like some fun courses. I think everyone gets to a certain level and gets stuck for a little bit, everyone I have ever talked to anyway, but you guys will be at level 4 before you know it ;-). I knew you would end up going, you guys are agility nuts-you and Oreo, LOL, so glad you got there, got shade and were able to do your runs early. Congrats on a good day and a Q to boot, very cool.

Dawn said...

LOL. I looked at the first map and thought to myself, "WELL...we'd have to do the squares because no way would I be able to keep Katie off that Aframe!" Funny that Oreo thought about it too!

And the standard course looked really fun. If there's no chute in CPE that's where we belong too!!

Good job getting Oreo out there so he gets more used to lots of people and different places.

Sara said...

The chute is allowed to be used by judges in CPE, but for some reason, we've never seen one at any of the trials we've been too. Maybe because it takes so much time to readjust after every run and all the CPE trials fill to capacity.

Priscilla said...

The colors run looked so fun. What colorful agility equipment! LOL.

Have a fun hiatus. It doesn't matter if you don't Q. We all know that Oreo has improved tremendously and don't worry, I'm sure you'll be able to get past Level 3!!!

Diana said...

Congrats on your "Q"! That was a huge trail with over 600 runs. Wow. Diana

LauraK said...

You two look great in that video, I'm glad that you had a pretty good day. Hopefully being on his home turf will turn Mr. Oreo into a confident Q'in machine!

LauraK said...
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Nicki said...

That is a good sized tria. But at least he got some experience. Enjoy your agility vacation!

Lian said...

Congratulations on your Q! Well done! Oreo indeed doesn't look confidence but you were very good to motivate him all the way round! That's a brilliant job!

Marie said...

What a huge trial! I know that I feel more comfortable at smaller trials, so I don't blame Oreo for not being as relaxed either. I thought you did a great job on that circle course.

I know that sometimes with Raven when courses take an immediate turn back towards the start, it seems to de-motivate her. I don't know if she thinks we've done something wrong, but it's just not her favorite.

How cool that the rest of your trials will be where you are used to training. How nice is that? Can't wait to see how Oreo does with the "home field advantage". :-)