Friday, June 4, 2010

agility class and the gold star

This week's gold star winner is.....
Now everyone sing along (use the hokey, pokey tune...)
Put your right side in,
put your left side in, and roll it all about,
..... you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around, that's what it's all about!
I thought your idea was hysterical! I would never have come up with that one! This is the first time our captions have been put to music! Great job Ricky!

The reason I posted the cell phone photo from agility class last night was to show you how relaxed Oreo looked during class. What you couldn't see in the photo were the people & dogs behind him. Despite their presence, Oreo was able to lay (lie? I can never get those words right, help me out editor) down! He even drank water. Oreo let his guard down, and relaxed while waiting his turn. Amazing transformation for my dog.
Agility wise, Oreo did great. He jumped 12 inches for the first time at school since February. He only dropped one bar, but I think that had to do with my overenthusiastic praise and pulling him toward the next obstacle.

Oreo did the chute for the first time in probably a year (besides at our at home). That was a shocker. I think he was ready to bail halfway through the chute, but he plowed through. We never see the chute in trials, so we don't practice it very often.

I also had my teacher act as "judge", since she will be our real judge this Saturday. Oreo didn't even look at her while running. Although, he did make some sideways glances toward the "crowd".

Overall, Oreo was awesome! Confident.

I am so excited for our trial. Now, I have to do the weather dance to keep the rain away.

My goal for the trial? OK, my wish....I'd like to beat our previous yards per second numbers, since I think that is our strongest indicator of gaining confidence. We'll see what happens.

Come what may, I am happy to have a healthy dog, who is willing to jump through hoops for me.


Diana said...

Thats so wonderful!! I love the picture with the "jumps throught hoops for me" comment. Diana

Priscilla said...

That's great! We're so happy for you and oreo. Seems as if the injury has changed him mentally and physically in a good way!!!

Congrats to Ricky. Love the caption to music :)

Jules said...

Woo-hoo!! So glad you had such a successful class. That is just the boost you both need in prep of your trial. Good luck!

LauraK said...

That's awesome that he was so calm waiting his turn. I love hearing about little victories :)

Good luck at your trial, I'm so excited for you two that you're back to competing and playing agility! Great picture!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Thanks for the gold star for this week! I don't know why the Hokey Pokey tune came to me - must be mom's influence since she plays that song each summer for children's concerts.

I love the tire picture and the jump through hoops comment too! I am so happy to hear how relaxed Oreo is at class now - isn't it weird that his injury is seeming to be a blessing in disguise? Interesting the way the world works. Good luck at your trial!!!!! I know you will have an enormous smile on your face the entire time no matter what happens (unless it rains the whole weekend)! Paws crossed for nice weather!

Dawn said...

GOOD LUCK and have FUN at the trial this weekend! I'm so excited for you! And so happy that Oreo is so calm about the whole thing...what a guy! Love the tire picture too!

Kathy said...

GOOD LUCK at the trial, hope the rain stays away, I can not wait to hear how it goes. Love the picture of Oreo jumping hoops for you!

AC said...

Yaaaaah!!! It seems like Oreo hasn't just had some good days recently, but his confidence overall has made a boost. I hope that shines through this weekend for you two. Can't wait to hear about it!!

**Go Oreo, Go Oreo, Go Oreo** (Message sent from Kona.)

Marie said...

That is just such great news! It just made me smile as I read that Oreo was so relaxed at class. It's wonderful progress!

Have a great time at the trial!

Loved the tire photo as well.

Sam said...

What a GREAT photo of Oreo jumping through the hoop! I'm so glad he's back in to the swing of class, too. I bet it'll be great for him to go to the trial and have your teacher as the judge. Good luck - I can't wait to hear all about it!