Tuesday, May 25, 2010

tricky t-day ~ gloves

No time to make a video this week. Plus, we really haven't had much trick training time either.

However, we'll stick to our help mom in the garden theme from last week.

Oreo has been doing this trick since he was a puppy. He will carry my gardening gloves just about anywhere. Even two at a time.

Now, if only I could get Oreo to give them back to me!

  • When I came home from work yesterday, I was roasting! My classroom is one of the few in the building that doesn't have AC. Lucky me.
  • Couldn't wait to get home and turn on our central air.
  • Uh oh. The compressor isn't spinning. No cool air coming out.
  • UGH!
  • Hot Sara = Cranky Sara
  • I called Jeff, and asked, "Should I call a repair person? Our AC is broken."
  • Jeff says, "It's not broken. You need to go bang on the corner of the unit, preferably the corner by the chimney."
  • Yea. OK. Where did you get your HVAC degree from? Mickey Mouse Academy?
  • I follow directions. One fist bump on the unit.
  • Voila! Fan starts spinning. Nice cold AC.
  • Now I wonder how much a repair person would have charged us for that fix?


Ricky the Sheltie said...

What is it about gloves? I love them but am not allowed to have them no matter how much I bark and spin and jump up at mom! Oreo is such a lucky dog!

Jeff's trick is awesome! His repair knowledge must save you lots of money! But Sara, even if you were hot and cranky, you still should've made a video of your AC unit antics! LOL!

BTW, why is it so HOT in May? We had our AC on yesterday too. Does this mean an unbearably hot summer?

Jules said...

Waty to go Oreo AND Jeff!

Priscilla said...

What a good trick, Oreo. He's so clever and he can take two of the together too. I wonder what Eva will do with those gloves, no, I don't even want to think about it, LOL!

Jeff's trick is amazing though. I know what the first thing I should do to my AC if it gives me problems now. Not going to let others to just bang my AC and charge me a ton!

Thanks so much for sending your warm wishes to Rosie. She was really sick last night and had a very bad sore throat. The doctor just saw her and told her to take paracetamol.

LauraK said...

That is so cute that Oreo helps you in the garden :)

And nice job with the AC. Nothing like hitting stuff until it works!

Kathy said...

wow, dont you wish you had got that 411 on the fix a few hours earlier, LOL. Jeff is a pretty handy, dandy guy to have around I would say, and he sounds very nice to boot! I love Oreos trick, that sounds so cute. Oreo just has so many jobs around the house, he sounds almot as handy dandy to have around as Jeff is. I am trying to do the protocol that Helix wrote in Clean Run teaching a dog to tug using garden gloves, Breeze loves to play ball but usually isnt into tug, Oreo is a few steps in front of Breeze on the glove work for sure, LOL!

Dawn said...

Oh I'm laughing out loud now! Katie LOVES to steal my gardening gloves...and as I was reading I was thinking..now how did Sara teach Oreo to carry these around and give them back...because Katie NEVER gives them back! Then I got to the part where Oreo doesn't give them back either...LOL!!!

Glad the air conditioning was such a quick fix...so to speak. I'm sure it would have been over $100 for an air conditioning person just to show up, if they even did show up. Odds are lots of people are turning their air on for the first time this spring and finding it not working. Lucky for you Jeff knew the secret!

Diana said...

Great trick on the AC. Its always better to get the AC fixed the the winter than the summer. When our AC went out in the summer, they was 7,000.00 to fix. When winter came, it went down to 5,000.00 we fixed it in the winter. Diana

AC said...

Love the pictures of Oreo with the gloves! Kona loves helping in the garden too, especially if she can plant herself right in the middle of my work space and dig, or roll...

Haha! Jeff's techniques are probably the best in the business! I sometimes have to pull a big trailer and learned quickly that spending time to rewire the left taillight was a waste of time, but giving it a good kick got it up and running in seconds!

Marie said...

Well, I think that Oreo's trick is cuter than Jeff's trick, but he definitely gets points for practicality. Better keep them both around. LOL

new hip dad said...

hmm. makes one wonder about the wiring. as I recall wiring the ac was a shocking experience.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Ooh - I get really cranky when I'm hot too...that's why I was in a bad mood for the first 4 months we were in Brisbane - ha! ha! I'm a much nicer person to be around now that the weather is cooler! :-)

Good trick from Jeff - you've got him well-trained!