Thursday, May 27, 2010

too hot, and the gold star

I skipped agility class Wednesday night, due to the hot weather. It was 90 degrees. Despite how much I wanted to go, I simply couldn't do it. I'd take 10 degree weather over 90 any day. You can always add a layer, but there are only so many you can take off before you get arrested.

I didn't give you much to go on with my photo this week did I? I was anxious to see what you'd come up with. You all came through with some great captions.

Diana was spot on with what the dogs were actually doing....hunting rabbit!

Oh, if only the dogs would chase the pesky rabbit away for good and save my plants!

However, this week's gold star goes to Priscilla!

Oreo: "Hey Misty, are you seeing what I'm seeing?"
Misty: "Uh....what are you seeing?!
Oreo: "I think there's a hole in the fence!"
Misty: "Oh..."

I love how Priscilla created a conversation between the two dogs. Very clever Priscilla! You made me laugh.

Oh how Misty wished there had been a hole in the fence a couple weeks ago. While I was at school, Jeff had been doing some air nailing in the kitchen. Misty was a nervous wreck about the noise. Jeff thought putting her in the yard might ease her tension. Well, something made Jeff go outside and check on her. Good thing he did, because Misty was halfway over the fence. Front legs hanging over the top and everything! She's never climbed the fence before, so she must have been really scared.

Now we know not to let her outside when she's nervous! Boy, that could have been a really bad scenario.

The next time Jeff did some air nailing, Misty simply hid in the closet.

Poor baby. I started her on some of Oreo's Chinese herbs. Hopefully that will help take the edge off, as Jeff finishes up the kitchen remodel, and thunderstorm/fireworks season begins.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Congratulations to Priscilla on her gold star captions!! I really look forward to your wordless Wednesdays!

Poor Misty! Glad she didn't hurt herself trying to climb the fence. And maybe you could clean out your closet to make it a little more comfy for her if she needs to go in there - LOL!

Dawn said...

Good job Plriscilla!

Poor Misty!!! Yea, I agree with Ricky, you're gonna have to sacrifice a few shoes to make Misty a safe place! LOL!

Diana said...

Congrats Priscilla!

Poor Misty. It is a good thing Jeff went to check on her. He's the man! Im so glad Misty didnt get out. Diana

Priscilla said...

Thanks for the gold star, Sara!
Misty really made me laugh with her antics. She's so cute, but must have been terrified of the noise!!!

LauraK said...

90 degrees?! That's crazy!

Poor Misty, she looks so sad hiding in that closet!

AC said...

I just had to pack up my "outdoor office" because it started to drizzle on me! I'm always scared though that we'll get smacked with really hot weather later in the summer. Maybe you'll get yours over with quickly.

I agree with Ricky...always look forward to Wordless Wednesday quotes!

Poor Misty! I'm glad she didn't get out and found a safer place to hide. It's funny how even confident dogs have things that spook them. My dad's mini poodle is bomb proof. I've taken him to LAX airport and he doesn't blink an eye. But if it gets windy, he shakes and becomes velcro boy!

Kathy said...

OMG poor Misty, glad she has found a "safe" place to hide from the nasty air nailing.....although remind her how beautiful the kitchen will look and how many wonderful treats you will make them in the kitchen so it will all be worth it.

Sam said...

I don't think I would have gone to agility in 90 degree heat, either. Fortunately, we got the nice night - Tuesday night was perfect.

I like playing your Wordless Wednesday game. What a good idea it is. Scary about Misty almost climbing the fence, though.

Matron said...

ahh! bless! She just wants to hide in the closet. I feel like that sometimes!