Friday, May 21, 2010

thanks & a gold star

Thanks to everyone for your kind advice yesterday.  I did speak with the few co-workers who were also invited to the party.  I couldn't find anyone else who was planned on attending.  However, many people in the building are concerned about Lisa and willing to help out. 

Lisa has nothing.  Just a bed, dresser and tv.  Soon, she will have many basic necessities, due to the kindness of my co-workers.  There are resources in the community, where we can obtain small appliances, and furniture at minimal costs.

I plan on buying Lisa some "wish list" items, and letting her know how much she means to me.  In light of a couple events that happened in the community and school this week, I've decided attending the party is probably not a good idea.  My gut tells me to stay home.

Onto this week's gold star winner!

Congratulations Diana!
OMG, here he comes with that ball again.
I'm going to pretend I don't see him and maybe he will go away.
Super job Diana!  Misty really appreciates your sympathetic tone.  She says, "Finally, someone understands me!!!!"

I thought you did a great job matching Misty's facial expressions.


Diana said...

Thanks for the gold star! Diana

Priscilla said...

That's very sweet of you getting some items that Lisa needs. I'm sure she understands and knows you're there with her all the time.

LauraK said...

Those are great captions!

I'm glad that you got things figured out about the party and that you're still able to support Lisa even if you're not there. It's always good to follow your gut :)

Joan said...

Good choice on selecting Diana as this week's winner; and good choice on not attending the party at Lisa's new place; and good choice on finding resources to help her and her little one.

Dawn said...

Good decisions, both of them! Our best to Lisa even though we're far away.

AC said...

The way you and your co-workers go above and beyond to support your students is inspiring. I hope Lisa is able to carry and feel that support through her transitions up ahead.

And woohoo Diana!

Kathy said...

Sounds like a great solution for your student and wow, how lucky is she to have you all help her out and let her know she does matter, hopefully how much you all care and that she is worth caring about will always stick with her and really could change her life. ;-).

Sam said...

You are such a nice person - you really go above and beyond to help your students.

I think you made the right decision in not going, especially if other faculty members weren't going either. I'm sure that Lisa will appreciate all that you've done for her and the gifts you're going to give her.