Saturday, May 22, 2010

run thrus

After a long week at school, which involved tears, blood, and police reports, I went to some run thrus Friday afternoon to de-stress.

It was a sunny, hot afternoon. Not really my kind of weather for agility. However, I wanted to expose Oreo to something other than a class before our next trial in a couple weeks.

Oreo did fantastic on his first run. He looked so happy and ran fast. He hopped through his weave poles. I was thrilled. I was even able to do a really smooth rear cross from a jump into the weave poles. How I wish I had video of that run!

We did the run two more times throughout the evening. Oreo slowed a bit, but I think it was mostly due to the heat. He still seemed happy on the course.

Overall, it was a super time. I saw people I haven't seen in weeks, because we've been out of the trial circuit.

The night gave me a boost of confidence that our next trial will go well.

Oreo was a sleepy dog on the way home.


Diana said...

WhooHoo!! Im glad you had a great time. My school has been crazy too. Yesterday we had black eyes, pulled off fingernails and kids hit in the eye with rocks. I was so happy to go home before anything serious happened to one of them. Diana

LauraK said...

I love run thrus- it's always nice to get some confidence before a trial :) Sounds like Oreo is getting to be one confident, happy boy on course!

Dawn said...

Sleepy dogs are so cute! I bet he was thrilled to be running with his Mom again! Glad you both had a good time, and that it helped you both with the stress of these last few weeks.

Can't wait to hear about the trial!!

Priscilla said...

Woo! That's great! So happy for you :) I'm sure the next trial will go super well!

Sam said...

Great job, Sara and Oreo. It sounds like going out to play some agility was good for BOTH of you.

AC said...

It sounds like you got a much needed break after a hard week. So glad you both had a good time. Oreo's going to be the rehabbed agility champ!

Kathy said...

agility can be such a stress reliever, glad Oreo had a good time, bet it feels so nice to be back!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sorry about your week at school but glad you got to go and do agility!! I figured Oreo would be a fast and happy boy once he got to play the game again! WooHoo!!