Monday, May 24, 2010

old video

I realized I never posted this video from last week's class.

Oreo did the A-frame for the first time since his injury, a week ago today. He went up and down without hesitation or any noticeable problems.

In fact, he was running great all evening. He wasn't distracted at all by the tractors working in the adjacent cornfield.

We worked on tunnel sends from a distance. I was able to get Oreo to tunnel from 15 feet away, like in a gamblers run.

Then, I decided to do one last run, so I could analyze video to see if I could notice any weird things going on with his legs. I think it was one run too many. Oreo really wasn't into it.

Oreo was pretty much over the double tunnel beginning, since we had practiced it several times in our distance work. Then, his weaves were slow and he popped out. Not sure why. I think he noticed the adorable 12 week old golden retriever puppy on the sideline (who I had been fawning over all night!), or maybe it was my lack of motion.

Anyway, here is the run. Still wish I had video from our run thrus. Those runs were far better than this. At our run thrus, I did treat him after each tunnel and set of weaves, since those were the two things he seemed to be slow on in this video.
We'll do one more class at 8 inches. Then move up to 12 to get ready for our trial.


LauraK said...

I thought you two looked great out there! Sometimes I wish I had videos of my run thrus too, especially our one from last Monday, we were so together and it would have been cool to watch it again. Oh well!

I'm excited for you all to be getting back up to 12 inches and get ready for your trial :) It is great to see you two back in action!

Lian said...

Oreo looked really good in the video. I am sure he is ready for his trial!

betty said...

Bravo! I was happy to see Oreo do perfectly on the A-frame. His paws look so cute running up, across, and down. You guys look good.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

We're happy to see a video of Oreo doing agility - even if you thought he was slow-ish in this video, we think he did great! He does really good sends into the tunnels and his DW is FAST and his teeter was awesome!

Dawn said...

I was impressed especially with the teeter, since that is something we are struggling with! Awesome job!

Priscilla said...

I think he did very well. Oreo looks so ready in the video. I'm sure he will get himself ready when the trial comes.

Diana said...

Why do you think we never get our good runs on video. LoL It just seems to work out that way. Ive had that happen a lot recently. Oreo looks really good. Im sure if feels great to be running. Diana

Kathy said...

He looks great, as far as the tunnel it did look like you stopped all motion before I thought Oreo looked fully committed to the tunnel he could have been sort of checking in and slowed down to see if you really wanted him to keep going ;-) or were giving him a cue that you wanted him to stop with you or turn-which would be a very good boy to notice your stopping. Regulating my speed so I dont just stop before I do certain jumps is what I am working on because I pull Breeze right off the jumps doing that and make Lizzie really mad at me ;-0 !

You guys are going to ROCK at the trial, how much longer is it until the trial?

Sara said...

You're right Kathy...Oreo is VERY aware of my motion. I think I've forgotten how much I influence him.

Our trial is June 5th. Less than 2 weeks aways. I signed us up for 3 runs.

Kathy said...

Whooo hooo, we have our first trial since last fall thursday and friday and then a trial a week from saturday, so we will all be hitting the trial circuit at the same time, it will be exciting!!!