Saturday, May 29, 2010

lupine & my pretzel boy

I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to grow lupine in my garden for years. Here is my latest attempt. This plant looks nice and healthy. I sure hope to see it again next season. My husband and I honeymooned on Prince Edward Island, and lupine was growing wild everywhere. I've been trying to duplicate those purple spiked flowers ever since.

I set my backyard jumps at 12 inches and had Oreo practice a bit. I plan on doing a few minutes each day to get him prepped for our trial next weekend. Can you believe we haven't been to a trial in 6 months?

I entered us in 3 runs on Saturday(2 standard runs, 1 jumpers). Depending on how Oreo is acting, I can enter him in a few on Sunday. However, I am going to try really hard not to overdo trialing this summer. If Oreo is wiped out, we'll stay home. I'm also not going to worry about titles anymore. I am simply going to sign up for games that we like, and ignore the ones that stress us out (gamblers, fullhouse, snooker, trigility).

Last Tuesday, Oreo went in for his acupuncture/chiro tune up. He needed a little work chiropractically. The vet said that she didn't know whether to be happy or sad that he seemed to be a little off. She was happy that he was off symmetrically this time. There was no sign that he was favoring his right leg at all. She said the only part of him that was showing any sign of discomfort was his left rear foot. He could have stubbed his toe on something.

Of course, as soon as we got home, Oreo proceeded to jump 6 feet in the air and twist his body around like a pretzel.

"Because I'm awesome!"

I don't know why I bother.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

The lupine is very pretty and looks perfect growing next to your fence! I hope it continues to flourish!

I would imagine that just every day activities cause dogs to be a little off and we would all find that out if we went regularly to a chiropractor. Oreo wouldn't go home and turn himself into a pretzel if he didn't feel good, right?

Great plan for trialing this summer! It will be so fun to see the video from next weekend!

madcobug said...

Very pretty flower. If Oreo can leap and twist like that he is doing super. You needed a picture of that. There is no way to keep a real active dog down unless you put him or her on a lead. Patches does the same way. Trying to keep her quite just doesn't happen. Helen

Dawn said...

A pretzel? He feels supper good if he's doing that! He's saying "12 inches Mom? 12 inches? What? I can do 6 feet!! See? I'm SUPER DOG!"

Priscilla said...

Aww! I bet he's perfectly fine if he can twist like a pretzel!

Your lupine looks great, what a beautiful plant!

LauraK said...

Beautiful flowers, I would say you were pretty successful at growing them!

It's funny how we stress about our dogs so much, and all they want to do is enjoy life and have a good time and not worry about everything. Maybe we need to learn something from them :)

I can't believe that you haven't trialed in 6 months, it seems like just yesterday I was reading about one of your trials. Looking forward to reading about this next one, I'm sure you two will do awesome!

LauraK said...

Oh and Sara, you can borrow Penny anytime :) I'm sure she'd love the break from our nutty family!

Kathy said...

The lupine is BEAUTIFUL, I would LOVE to have that in my yard, I hope it comes back next year for you too!

Oreo is such a pretty boy, love the happy look on his face in the picture.
Sounds like you have a fantastic plan for the trial. We had not trialed in almost a year and I was suprised how much it seemed to tire out Breeze...and it was weird how it felt like it had been a year, it felt sort of like our first trial all over, except better because I did know how to check in, where to go, and all that stuff.
Hope you have some fantastic luck next weekend, We are trialing on saturday too, so hopefully it is a really great agility day all over the country, LOL! You guys will do GREAT!

Jules said...

Sara, I adore Lupine. My husband and I honeymooned in Novia Scotia (I have family there). Acadia also has LOADS of lupine. In NS my uncle always referred to it as a weed, but I adore it anyway. I hope it takes off for you.

I understand your worry about Oreo being a pretzel only too well. My anxiety about Bug is just starting to ease off a wee, little bit. Knock on wood. I hope your runs go well.

Diana said...

Those flowers are beautiful!

Oreo is awesome. Dogs are so hard to figure out. If he's being a pretzel, he's probably fine. Diana

Sam said...

The whole games thing is part of the reason why I like AKC a bit better than the other venues - I don't think we would have ever done well with Snooker or Gamblers, either, though I still would like to try it some time. I think your plan is a good one - and doesn't CPE offer titles for regular runs, anyway? And Jumpers goes together with Wildcard or Colors (I forget)?

Is there NADAC up by you? Their games classes aren't quite so gamey, either. Tunnelers and weavers and stuff. I do wish we had more NADAC here because I'd like to try tunnelers.. I just don't want to drive 3 hours to do it!

Regarding being off.. like Diana said, if he's being a pretzel, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about!

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

Sara said...

I really like CPE,because it is less competitive than other venues and suits Oreo and me. We're lucky they have so many games that way we can pick and choose, and have a full day of trialing. Well be able to get some titles, just not the big CATCH one.

Honey the Great Dane said...

hee! Hee! I know the feeling! Honey is a real bombastic tomboy who always seems to have to do everything 'full on' (in the 2 hours she is awake, that is) - and I feel like the only sure-fire way to prevent her from getting more injuries is to put her in a strait-jacket and never let her do anything! Coz it doesn't matter what dog sports we stop doing - she can still do as much damage to herself just being herself! :-)