Thursday, May 6, 2010

good stuff

This is a long post, I apologize, but it covers three days worth of good stuff. I'll do my gold star award Friday....

Oreo's check up at our regular vet went well. He's perfectly healthy. Not that I thought otherwise.

My vet checked out both his hind legs, and said that they felt exactly the same. No swelling. Everything seemed really, really good. Actually, she used medical terminology (words like laxity) which I ignored, because I was so excited to have positive news! I kept asking, "So, it feels good?" Yes. Yes. Yes.

She said, "I'm hoping to see him in the CPE trial in June."

Good thing I sent in that entry form!

I asked for some suggestions for getting him back up to form agility wise. She gave me tips for what I should do, and what I definitely should avoid. I'll do my best to adhere.

She is going to be speaking at a summer agility camp about designing courses for safety. She is hoping that local judges/teachers will start taking into account the health of dogs when they design courses. For example, not turning to a jump immediately after an A-Frame, safer to send them in a tunnel, then a jump. I thought it was an interesting concept. I'll be attending the camp, and am looking forward to it!

I'll wait to start jumping Oreo until after the rehab vet checks and remeasures him. Better to have two opinions. I'm assuming Oreo's thigh muscles have grown at least an inch! He's been working so hard. Would you walk uphill in water for half an hour, with a fur coat on? (OK, hip dad probably would, and he'd smile the whole time)

I did put Oreo on the dogwalk at class on Monday. He did fine. However, it was so windy, I was a nervous wreck he would get blown off. I've heard horror stories about that happening at trials. So, I only had him do it twice. I didn't need him to pick up on my anxiety. I'm sure he was confused about why I was hovering over him like a nervous nilly while he was going across it! I decided to stick to tunnels and weaves. We'll do the dogwalk on a calm night.

I found a great buy I thought I'd share. If you feed your dogs buddy biscuits soft & chewy treats (my dogs love, love, love them), you can now get a 4 pack shipped to you monthly, every two months, etc. automatically from amazon at 15% off the amazon price. Plus, they waive the shipping, even without spending the usual $25. With tax, it ended up being $3.89 a bag. At my local store, they are a ridiculous $8.99 + tax!

They are great for training, because you can break them into teeny pieces. Pricier than Zuke's, so I save them for special training times.

The vet tech at our acupuncturist got a kick out of them when I handed her one to feed Oreo. She said, "Hey, they're shaped like people. I guess it is kind of like when people eat animal crackers. Now dogs get to eat people shaped snacks."

The acupuncturist said she wasn't so sure how she felt about that. What she was sure about was Oreo's spine. Remember how his spine was a mess 4 weeks ago? She did a chiro adjustment yesterday, and said Oreo's spine felt great, there was absolutely no sign of compensation going on for his leg. She sees no reason why he won't be able to trial in June either.


She also asked if he is now turning left more often, because he is no longer so "right sided" in his neck. I did some quick thinking, and realized it must be our ballwork paying off. I have Oreo do 30 nose to hip touches in both directions. Amazing, how this PT stuff really works.


Honey the Great Dane said...

Yay for all the good news!!

LauraK said...

That's great news, how exciting! I bet you both are so ready to get back to training :)

Priscilla said...

Wow! All your hard work has paid off!
We're so glad that Oreo is perfectly fine and can go back to doing agility! He looks very happy in his picture too!
Thanks for the Buddy Biscuits review! They look really cute!! LOL.

betty said...

Wonderful news and big sighs of relief - Oreo gets to jump up on the bed soon.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

That's fantastic news!!!!! After all those months of worry and work, Oreo is healed! We are so incredibly happy for you!

Diana said...

That great!! Thanks for the tip on the buddy biscuts. Ive never tried those. Diana

Anonymous said...

Oreo and Misty are soooo cute...thanks for sharing!!!

Dawn said...

Great news!!! Bet Oreo's happy too! Thanks for the tips on the treats!

Lian said...

WOW! That's a really good news!

Kathy said...

wow, you and Oreo are a fantastic team and sounds like you both deserve HUGE gold stars for all the work you have done and how you have followed all the rehab things. Really fantastic, maybe you could post about the things your vet said to avoid when bringing a dog back to agility from an injury.

AC said...

I think Oreo needs a rehab graduation ceremony! Great news and great work! I can't wait to hear about your trial in June.

Yikes, I could imagine the dog walk could become a hazard in high winds. Very cool that Oreo's doing more in class.

(Very funny about the buddy biscuits shaped as people.)

Jules said...

WONDERFUL news!! I am so happy to hear Oreo is making such an awesome comeback. And thanks for the treat tip - that is a great price!

Nicki said...

What great news! I think those treats are less than $5 a bag here. I'd never pay $8.99 for a small bag like that!