Friday, May 7, 2010

bath photos...

Here are the gold star winning captions for this week!
Oreo says, "Stinks to be you!"
"Pffft, yeah right, I'm not helping you outta there!"
"And don't even think about coming close to me, there will be consequences!"

The winner is Laura! Congratulations! Great job, you made me laugh & you were pretty darn accurate in your descriptions. I really like your play on words in the first caption. Clever.

Thanks to everyone else who participated. I feel bad that I don't give everyone a gold star each week. I'm a special ed teacher after all. It's in my nature to want every one to feel successful, and you are ALL deserving.

By the way, Oreo did not get a bath that day. I figure he has had to endure numerous half baths in the treadmill. Therefore, I've made an agreement with him - no baths until after his last treatment, which is Wednesday. WhooHoo!

Did I tell you Oreo did his last treadmill walk without me in the room? The vet tech figured out Oreo would walk for her, as long as she stood on the side of the tank, not in the front where I usually sit. Oreo walked, while I went to another appointment with Misty. I was amazed! What a brave boy, and a super vet tech. I think I owe the two techs, that have been working with us, lunch when we're done.

After Oreo's waterboarding, the tech brought him to the acupuncture room. Oreo promptly jumped up on the bench, laid down, with his head hanging over the edge, his butt hanging off the side, and closed his eyes. It was as if he was saying, "OK, put those feel~good needles in. I'm ready for a nap." Oreo loves the acupuncture room. Go figure. Now, if only I could get him to love the waiting room.....

Kathy asked me to post about some of the things my vet told us to avoid agility wise when returning from an injury.

For Oreo, since it is a knee injury, she doesn't want him doing a lot of turns to jumps. We need to do jumps in a straight line for now, then gradually put in them in a wide circle. Obstacles need to be at a significant distance from each other, especially if there are turns. Although, we should avoid major twists and turns, especially into the "bad" knee. She said contacts to tunnels would be safer than contacts to jumps. She said a contact, tunnel, jump, weave, tunnel, jump would be the best scenario for Oreo.

Of course, we will be starting with low jumps, and increasing height gradually as long as there are no signs of discomfort.

Also, she gave me some warm up tips. She knows where I train/trial/league. Therefore, she gave me an idea of where I could walk Oreo to get a good enough warm up of the muscles, then stretch (wish me luck) before putting him on any obstacles.

I'm sure the rehab vet will have more tips/rules as well.


Priscilla said...

Sounds like Oreo is growing up!! He's such a big boy now and can take care of himself without mommy there!! Have fun with agility!!

Bob said...

Dogs in a bath always get their own back so beware Sara! The look on their faces makes me feel like the worst dog parent ever, like 'how can you do this to me after I've been such a faithful friend to you'?

Diana said...

Those were good captions! LoL. Im so glad Oreo has done well. Miley never got over her hate of the UWTM. When I took her this week for an exam she was freaked out there. Im sure she was thinking, oh no here we go again. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Congratulations to Laura! Excellent captions!

Oreo has done such a good job with all this rehabbing! It really is amazing that he likes acupuncture so much - it must be doing him a lot of good!

Dawn said...

Congratulations to Laura!!

I think, though we never want injury, that the rehab has made Oreo somewhat of a stronger dog emotionally. He's done stuff he never would have and gotten over some of his fear. I'm so glad he's feeling better physically too!

LauraK said...

Aww I'm honored, my first gold star! Thank you Sara!

I gave our dogs baths yesterday, and I so wish I had my camera. I wash Penny, our dachshund, in our laundry room sink and one of the kittens jumped up on the counter and just watched the torture :) Too funny, it would have been an excellent picture to caption! Homer and Riley were in the tub together, and OH the faces :) We are SO mean to our dogs, aren't we? I always tell them that it's only because I care that I torture them like that. That and I don't want stinky dogs sleeping in my bed!

Sounds like Oreo is getting used to his recent life of therapy and acupuncture. That's so great that you have places like that that you can take him. He's getting so brave, yay for Oreo!

Kathy said...

So no world team type courses with tight, tight turns for Oreo for now, LOL.
That adequetely warming up dogs before class and things like that is hard to do, in our class there are long times between each run and a lot of times it is cold out...and usually the instructor talks a little before we start, I really have to make a huge effort and get up and do it when everyone else is sitting around talking, and I use my Back On Track jacket so Breeze does not cool down too quickly between runs.

That is funny Breeze is acts like she is really scared going in to the vet, but as soon as she lays down to accupuncture it is like someone flips a switch and she just relaxes so completely, the way they act it really must feel good, Oreo sure sounds like he has adjusted well to it!

AC said...

Nice work Laura! Made me laugh too!

Alright, My jaw literally dropped when you described Oreo in the acupuncture room. WOW! And...AND he walked the tank by himself! It almost sounds like all this rehab has helped out Oreo's confidence. Would you agree? Or is it very situational and he's just gotten into the routine of a specific environment? Either way, still stuff to be proud of!

Sara said...


I think Oreo has definitely had a boost of confidence as a result of rehab. He has only been to acupuncture 3 times, but it is clearly a good place for him, for whatever reason.

However, we have been in the waiting room over 10 times, and it is still stressful for him. The floor to ceiling windows really freak him out, because he can't back up against a "safe" wall. He is getting better, but he is still no where near comfortable. I've found standing by the door is his favorite. He can keep an eye on everyone who comes in that way, as well as scan the entire room.

Marie said...

Glad to hear that Oreo's rehab is having such good results. That's really cool that he's so comfortable with both the underwater treadmill and the acupuncture.

Matron said...

Oh that expression is to die for! Wonderful!