Tuesday, April 27, 2010

tricky t-day ~ put away your toys

I thought I'd build on last week's trick and have Oreo pick up his toys.  I mean, he needs to do something to earn his keep around here.  Right?

He did pick up his toys, begrudgingly.  Oreo did not find this trick fun at all. 

"Why put the toys away?" he seemed to be telling me.  "It would be much more fun for you to chase me around the house, with me carrying one in my mouth!"

I guess I just don't understand why Oreo wouldn't want to help me out a bit around the house.

Sorry about the camera angle.  I should have put myself on the same side as the camera so you weren't staring at Oreo's two white spots the entire time!

My mom thought I should post this photo of Oreo:

Jeff braided a headband/crown out of tissue paper from my nephew's birthday gifts.  My youngest nephew wore it on his head for about 3 seconds, then Oreo wore it, and eventually it ended up around Misty's neck.   


Priscilla said...

The video is funny. But I do agree with Oreo's thoughts. What fun is it to put toys back?

That picture of Oreo is hilarious! I couldn't believe it was all tissue paper until I looked really closely! It's quite pretty too :D

Ricky the Sheltie said...

WooHoo - great job on putting the toys away!!!! Mom has wanted me to do this forever and now you have totally inspired her to get this trick learned! Oreo was too funny in the beginning thinking he was supposed to be in the box and then he just got it! It was also very cute when he told you at the end that your rate of reinforcement just wasn't cutting it - LOL!

Dawn said...

How wonderful! Katie is very good at taking things OUT of baskets, including waste baskets, but she has never put anything BACK! LOL. Guess Oreo told YOU when he just stopped. After all he'd already put those toys away once and you got them all back out again! LOL!!!

Diana said...

Great job! Its funny how dog usually try stuff with there feet first to see if thats what we want. Miley always lies down on stuff frist so see if that earns a cookie. LoL Diana

LauraK said...

I've been trying to teach our lab the whole putting away your toys thing and he isn't too impressed either. But, he's the one who pulls out all 20 of them and leaves them lying around haha.

Oreo is too cute, especially with that headband- he looks thrilled! Oh, the things we do to our dogs :)

Marie said...

Oreo is such a good helper! I'm going to have to keep working with Dare on trying to get her to pick up the toys and put them in the basket. She only seems to want to bring them to me and doesn't understand dropping them into something. I'm sure that the problem is that I tend to lump things and I probably need to break it down more.

Thanks for posting this trick!

AC said...

Nice work Oreo! He seemed to be saying, "Yeah, I'm done with this," at the end when he didn't put away the basketball. Funny boy.

What a good sport to wear the crown. Kona would have none of that! She still "gets froze," as we say around here, whenever I put her harness on.

Nicki said...

A man that can braid-impressive!

Connie said...

and here I thought my doggies were so smart to 'take' their toys out of the box,LOL I need to try to get them to put them away--they've seen me do it enough,LOL

Kathy said...

that is so funny, we are working on putting the toys away and to start with my dogs thought the idea was to climb into the box too, and I noticed when ever Cricket got a little frustrated she would revert back to trying to climb in the box. Oreo is a super star, GREAT work!!!! Looks like he was having a lot of fun learning that one!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Ha! Ha! Oreo - that was funny how you kept trying to climb into the box too! :-) My human has taught me this trick - although that was back in Auckland...don't know if I'd still remember it now! Still, at least I didn't have a trying-to-climb-into-the-toybox problem...there just isn't a box big enough for me! :-)

Honey the Great Dane