Tuesday, April 6, 2010

tricky t-day ~ PT-tricky

Honestly, trick training has gone to the wayside this past week. All treats are being reserved for PT activities, vet visits (3x a week!), and keeping Oreo from boinging while I'm doing some spring cleaning around the house. For some reason, Oreo thinks every cleaning implement is his new tug toy.

Therefore, this week's video is comprised of PT-Tricks. Specifically, ball work, or as Jeff pointed out the first time he saw it, "Hey, that looks like a giant peanut." Yes, the ball is actually shaped like a peanut.

All of the activities you'll see are designed to help strengthen Oreo's hind leg by encouraging weight bearing. The rehab vet explained it to me simply, "We have to teach Oreo how to use that leg all over again."

Oreo loves the the activities. We are currently spending about 8-10 minutes a day on peanut work, except on days when we have hydrotherapy scheduled.

The first few times, I was terrified he would fall off! Oreo caught on quick though, and I no longer hover over him in fear. Although, I do watch for signs of fatigue. This is harder for the dog than it looks. Their core muscles are pretty much working the entire time. Oreo takes a long nap after each session.

I hope you enjoy this unconventional tricky t-day video.

By the way, the PT tech told me that having Oreo circle clockwise is good for his leg (more weight bearing stuff). Yea, no problem there. He will do that all day long around the coffee table.


LauraK said...

I'm impressed! Oreo really seems to have the hang of that peanut- and he's so confident! Has he done any peanut work before his injury?

Where did you get a ball like that? Was it through your PT place? Sounds like you have some great resources around your area for dog injuries- that's great! Hope he continues to heal and get strong on that leg!

Priscilla said...

Sounds like a lot of hard work mixed in with fun for Oreo. It's so funny how Misty just watches how silly Oreo looks :) Eva is the same with cleaning equipment....it's all a game to them.
The giant peanut looks SO FUNNY!! All these leg exercises better help Oreo xD

Sara said...

I got the peanut from cleanrun. Oreo had never used it before. I bought the peanut the week Oreo got hurt, as I knew they were very beneficial for strengthening and was planning to use it when he was healed to prevent reinjury.

I asked the PT if I could use it now, and she told me the exercises I could do. They use the peanut and other shaped/sized balls at their facility. Oreo could have done the exercises with them at the rehab place, but they thought it could take several weeks for him to warm up to the techs (due to his shyness), so doing exercises in the comfort of his own home was recommended.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Thanks for making that video - we were just thinking again about getting a ball and working on strengthening exercises too. It was good to see how you are doing them. How did you initially decide to get a peanut? Did you get a "Get on the Ball" DVD too?

Oreo looks great, btw! Hard to believe he has any injury at all!

Diana said...

Wow, Oreo is doing great. He looks so good. Im glad Misty got into it. Its good for her too. I had to laugh with Oreo circling the table, just like Miley.LoL Diana

Sara said...

I got the peanut, because it seemed more stable that the eggs. I didn't get the video, but if you goto the "files" section on clean run for the get on the ball 2 video, you can read about exercises you can do on the ball.


There is also a video on youtube about chosing the right size ball for your dog.


Here's a clip from get on the ball 2 as well:

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Thank you Sara! I'll check all those links out!

Dawn said...

Wow! Oreo is an expert! I'd think these are good exercises for any dog to improve core strength. I thought Misty looked pretty interested right from the beginning. She was thinking, HEY MOM! I can do THAT! Hey MOM!!!!

Oreo looks like his old self circling the coffee table. I hope he's truly 100% soon!

Kathy said...

I was suprised when we had to start doing the ball work how hard it is, Breezies and Cherries (I did a lot of it when I was rehabing Cherry after her FHO), but their sides would just quiver with how much they were working. Oreo is doing terrific, I can not wait until they redo measurements and all, bet he is really making progress. You are doing an awesome job with Oreo, it is a lot of work and I can tell how hard you have been working on it-Oreo is lucky to have such a GREAT MOM who obviously loves him so much-what a lucky boy!

Joan said...

Oreo on the peanut reminds me of Sara on the balance beam.. sit, stand, jump, roll over, do a cartwheel... she could do it all!

Great job Oreo...hurray to the trainer!

Kathy said...

Breeze says she wanted to show you her work when she was rehabbing. We started with the ball and then started using the disc a lot too. I learned so much rehabbing Breeze and then Cherry, I think it has helped so much with my other dogs! WAtching Oreo just brings it all back!

Bob said...

Hi Sara, this might sound a stupid question but what's boinging? Oreo does well standing on that peanut. Bob.

Sara said...

Boinging is the term I use for when Oreo jumps straight up in the air, typically 4 feet high

Like the sound a bouncing ball makes....boing, boing, boing

Maybe you have to throw the NY accent in to get the sound effect?

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh WoW! I am SO impressed! I couldn't believe Oreo could do all that while balancing on the 'peanut' - he did it so well! I think Honey would just freak out if she had to balance like that but what a brilliant idea for strengthening! Would love to try something similar with her just for fun but I think I'd need something the size of a bouncy castle for Honey to be able to stand on securely!! :-)

I loved the bit where Misty joined in - so cute! :0) And yeah - i could see Oreo circling the coffee table by himself - as usual!