Tuesday, April 13, 2010

tricky t-day ~ object discrimination

My agility teacher had sent me some ideas for sedentary tricks. We practiced this one, when Oreo was still on strict rest. We hadn't practiced in a couple weeks, but thought I'd shoot a video and see how it went.

Most of the video could have been a blooper reel.

Oreo has 3 objects in front of him. I have 3 of the same objects behind my back. I show him one, and he needs to "point" to the same object in front of him.

He was much more consistent when we practiced with 2 objects, rather than 3. Maybe we need more time, but Oreo clearly finds this trick incredibly BORING. I think I was confusing him as well. I didn't have real clear criteria about whether I wanted a nose touch or a paw touch, so some of my clicks were delayed.

Here is where we are at this point:


Honey the Great Dane said...

Wow - I think Oreo must be REALLY smart for you to even attempt this exercise! Gosh, I don't think Honey could work out the connection even if there was just 1 object - ha! ha! ha!


Lian said...

WOW! That's clever trick!

Priscilla said...

This tricky video made me LAUGH!

It's hilarious watching Oreo decide between two objects that the one you are showing him isn't there!
I get what you mean when you say that he is more consistent with only 2 objects, but whatta clever boy!!!!!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I have never seen that trick or ever thought of doing anything like that - it is great!!!! Oreo is so smart! It was very funny watching him go through a process of elimination (especially with the ball) trying each one until he got it. That is a skill in itself.

I'm sure there are lots of articles in Clean Run about exercises on the flat, but one that we know of for sure is Linda Mecklinburg's in the June 2008 issue (not sure if you got the magazine then - that was my first issue ever). And the April 2010 issue has an article by Nancy Gyes that includes some groundwork (we haven't even read it yet).

Sam said...

Yeah, when we tried something like this, Marge was like, what the heck's the point? It's amazing how come dogs can discriminate between dozens of items - Marge would rather discriminate between the dog walk and the tunnel, as I'm sure Oreo wants to do, too!

AC said...

Oreo is one cute boy! I love his "I'm done with this" roll over mid-video=) I know Kona knows the names of a few of her toys and will pick up the one I ask her to pick up when more than one is on the floor, but I think your trick would be too hard!

Dawn said...

Absolutely brilliant!