Saturday, April 17, 2010

thanks, and an update

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my Chinese food post. Reading your comments was really special for me, because I didn't realize how a typical day at school could evoke emotions in others. I wish you all could spend a day at my school, and see how dedicated my colleagues are to guiding these wonderful, yet trying, kids through the world.

Back to dogworld. Oreo is almost at the halfway point in his hydrotherapy. For the past two sessions, he has done .70 miles, at a speed of 1.4mph. He still is not thrilled about the whole process, but is tolerant. He is no longer turning around, trying to get out, or riding the belt to the back. He has figured out how to "cheat". Oreo knows exactly where to stand to avoid the belt. He will scrunch his whole body into the corner, so he can get all 4 feet off the belt. Once we turn the belt on though, he walks.

I think I'll take another video at our 6th session, Wednesday, to do a comparison with his first session.

Starting this week, I am also going to try to attend some agility classes. I thought I'd use this down time as an opportunity to reward Oreo for being around the ring, going in the ring, having my teacher feed him treats in the ring, having classmates feed him treats, etc. It has been hard to go to any classes, because all our vet appointment have been at the same times as agility. However, my teacher just started new classes on Mondays, and I think we can make those after his laser therapy.

The best news of the week, Misty is no longer crying at 4:30AM. She is using the bed ramp, rather than relying on one of us to get up and help her.


Diana said...

So glad Misty has started to use her ramp at night. Sounds like a good plan with Oreo.

( sorry I didnt have anything to say about your previous post. I work with lots of families and they just want you to do everything and wont help themselves. It drives me crazy. They have medicaid but wont take their kid to the doctor, dentist or eye doctor. And it doesnt cost them anyting. Ugh! So my attitude isnt good. I cant tell you how many times Ive called DSS this year. Sad. Some kids lives suck ) Diana

Sara said...

I understand your frustration. Can't tell you how many kids I've seen with teeth visibily rotting. Or squinting at the board for months, while they wait to get new glasses. Very sad.

Sam said...

I'm so glad Misty has figured out that the ramp is just for her!

Looking forward to hearing about Oreo's return to agility class, even if it's just for socialization. Do you think maybe you could do some flat work with him? Jump bars on the ground, tunnels, etc. I know the rehab vet said you can do a little bit of agility, so I just figured I'd ask!

Sara said...

Oreo can do tunnels and weave poles, as long as he's not running. He usually will keep pace with me. So, depending on what my teacher has set up, we may be able to do a few things.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sounds like Oreo is doing very well with the treadmill rehab! I'm glad he has stopped fighting the entire process and would love to see a video of your next session as comparison!

Going to agility class is a great idea - just think if you can get Oreo comfortable there when he gets back into action, you'll have a whole new and confident dog to run!

Hurray for Misty using the ramp! I'm all for a good night's sleep!

Kathy said...

Oreo is a smart one figureing out how to beat the treadmill, LOL. Yippie for ramps and not having to get up at 4:30 am, that is a real thing to celebrate!

Priscilla said...

I'm glad Oreo is tolerant to his hydrotherapy. Can't wait to see the video!
I'm sure he'll be having fun watching agility class and also to find his confidence! It would be great if he could do agility stuff too!
Best of all, I'm so happy for Misty!!!!

Dawn said...

Both dogs are amazingly smart! But then....they're SHELTIES! LOL!

Nicki said...

Sounds like good news. He looks very pretty in that picture!