Monday, April 26, 2010


At my nephew's birthday party, I found the perfect underwater treadmill for Oreo, and other herding breeds who prefer to walk in circles! We could walk him against the current for added difficulty! Brilliant, right?

Now, how do I get them to allow dogs access?

Here is what Oreo looked like on the way home from NJ:
Oreo was still quite shy around everyone, and preferred to be by me or Jeff.   I set up his crate, but Oreo never felt the need to go in it to escape.  That was a sign of improvement.  Plus, Oreo ate fruit loops right out of the hand of my 4 year old nephew. 

Misty, on the other hand, followed around any child who had food. 

At one point, both dogs were involved in a game of Twister.  Unfortunately, they were twisted up in me.  My sister and I quickly realized that Twister should have an age limit.  Once you reach 40, it may be physically impossible.


Kathy said...

How funny, just think if you could get them to allow dogs think how much cheaper that would be too, LOL. Good Job Oreo feeling comfy enough he did not need to escape and eating fruit loops out of a kids hand....Breeze thinks that would have been way scary. What a sweetie Misy sounds like with the kids!

Priscilla said...

LOL. That's funny. Hope your nephew had a good birthday - I'm sure he did with all the doggies! I'm glad Oreo is feeling more comfortable around humans too :)

Diana said...

Thats a really neat pool. It looks like everyone is having fun.

Im pretty sure I cant play twister anymore either. At least you all tried, I dont think I would have even tried. lol Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

That would be an awesome underwater treadmill for herding dogs! Jeff could make one and you guys would be rich! LOL!

I prefer to stay near my mom when we visit people too so I can't blame Oreo there. Glad he was more comfortable than usual though. Maybe all this rehab is getting him used to different situations/people.

LauraK said...

What a neat pool- they have pools like that for conditioning race horses, so I'm sure someone could make one for dogs too!

I'm glad you all had a fun weekend, that's great that you can bring your pups with you when you travel- I bet that takes a lot of stress off of you :) I hate leaving my dogs! Yay for Oreo for being brave this weekend!

Dawn said...

Great pool! And dogs would only make it better!

Katie would (I think) follow any child with food too, as long as said child did not want to actually TOUCH her, but would obligingly drop food in convenient locations.

I've never taken Katie to visit anyone. I don't know how she'd be at all. That's an interesting thing, I think I'll have to sit and figure out who we can visit.

AC said...

I've never seen a pool like that before. Looks like the kids were really enjoying it.

It sounds like Oreo did great. Taking fruitloops from a mini person is a brave undertaking. I'd like to take Kona to more inside places to visit people etc., but I think we still have a lot of work to do. We're trying to keep up Oreo!

Marybeth said...

If you Oreo fans met my wild and unpredictable 4 yo, you'd be even more impressed by Oreo's bravery!

Sara said...

Yes, but 4 yo was very sweet, gentle, and quiet when handing Oreo the fruit loops.