Thursday, April 8, 2010

oreo goes to the torture chamber

Oreo is gaining quite the team of doctors. Yesterday, we added a chiro/acupuncturist to his therapy team.

First, Oreo suffered through being waterboarded in the hydrotherapy tank. When the tech first turned the machine on, I think it startled Oreo, and he forgot to walk. He ended up dunking his nose under. Not a good way to start. For the first five minutes, we struggled to get Oreo to walk forward. He kept stopping, and tried to turn around and leave the tank.

Eventually, he got into a flow and walked. It was a new tech, someone we had only met briefly before, and maybe Oreo was a bit unsure about her being in the water with him.

He walked 20 minutes, and did about .34 miles.

Then, onto the next torture chamber, where Oreo's bones would be twisted, and needles poked into him.

This room was cozy, dim lighting, soothing music. The vet and tech sat on the floor while Oreo was up on a slightly elevated platform.

The vet asked me a lot of questions first.

"Does he dream?" Yes. "Does he talk in his sleep?" Yes.

"Does he have fears?" Oh, where to begin.

We talked a lot about his anxiety issues.

She typed all my answers into a computer, then began feeling for pressure points and alignment problems.

The chiro adjustment took much longer than I thought. She basically covered every bone in his body.

When she got to his neck, she asked, "Does he go right better than he goes left?"

I laughed, and told her how he is pretty much OCD about going right. He spins right, circles right, etc.

She said, "Well, it is very obvious, and that is probably why he is having problems with his right knee, because he pivots so much on that leg."


One other thing she asked was if he comes down hard on the A-frame and dogwalk. I don't think he does. She told me both of his middle toes on his front feet show signs of frequent impact.

Oreo really seemed to enjoy the adjustment. Closing his eyes and laying his head down.

Then, we went onto the acupuncture. She put about 25 needles into Oreo. Including numerous needles in points to help his anxiety. I wish I had taken a photo. He had needles in his head, all down his body, even in his feet. He looked like a pin cushion!

I had asked if the acupuncture would help his anxiety, and she said it would, but warned, "It won't turn him into a lab."

I know enough to be realistic.

Again, Oreo really relaxed during the treatment. The needles were in for about 20 minutes, and he closed his eyes and dozed a bit.

We will go back in two weeks, because he still needs some serious chiro adjustments, and we'll do some more acupuncture.

Since we had discussed Oreo's anxiety in depth, she recommended some chinese herbs to try. I've tried several different western herbs, and haven't really noticed much difference in his anxiety level. I'm hoping these might work. They are designed by a veterinary neurologist and are only available thru veterinarians.

I'll let you know how that goes.

Here's an article about the great dr. we saw yesterday.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

All very interesting stuff! Poor Oreo with the torture chamber! Too bad he doesn't like the water therapy much. I don't think I would either.

Do you really like the idea of chiropractic adjustments? Mom is just not sure if she is a believer or not but she feels like that about chiropractic for people too. I go right (clockwise) all the time too and my dad was watching me do it yesterday and thought that my left leg was getting a work out more than my right - weird. But it seems to be my left front leg that is my issue. Hmmm is right.

Sara said...

I was more sure about the chiropractic stuff than I was about the acupuncture.

I felt better knowing she is a dvm.

Kathy said...

ya know why is it the dogs who would least enjoy such things are the ones that need them? Lizzie would LOVE to have the massages, the accupuncture, the manipulations and attention,the more the better, but she has never had any problems. Breeze hates getting groomed, she hates being touched, she used to pee every time they tried to adjust her and she needs the accupuncture and chiro adjustments very regularly, when they try to adjust her to this day she has her legs all splayed out and barely stands, I do not know how they can get her adjusted with how freaky she gets, she had to go through the rehab and getting all checked out by numberous people-all her idea of a night mare, she feels for Oreo a LOT. What a good boy though to get through it. Hope the chinese herbs help, and hope that next treatments go a little easier.

Sam said...

What a trooper Oreo is - wow. Especially the chiro/acupuncture! You are so dedicated to getting him through this - I'm sure that leg will be healed up in no time. I'm getting antsy over here, looking for Oreo agility!

Jules said...

It sounds like it went really well. Way to go, Oreo!!

Funny, Bug has very few anxiety issues, but he could not relax initially with acupuncture. The acupuncturist thinks it is because he was in so much pain. Now he relaxes no problem. I hope the chinese herbs help!

LauraK said...

Wow! I'm impressed- Oreo is being treated like a king! He's definitely lucky to have you as a mom :) I'd be surprised if that leg doesn't heal quickly with all the fancy treatments he's getting. Thanks for sharing, it's very interesting!

Josie said...

OMG when I saw your headline I was scared...but then I read on and started laughing. I should know you by now...glad to see Oreo is getting better and being treated anyway he can to help him. Please give Oreo and Misty big kisses from all of us here. Much Love, Wooof! Josie and little bro Blues

One day I hope to take picture of the two of mine as nice as yours...LOL...

Diana said...

Poor Oreo. Miley hated the underwater treadmill. After doing it for several months, she wouldnt even let me put the leash on her. She thought all leashes lead to the UWTM. I finally just stopped, she seem better. Im glad Oreo's program went well today. Diana

Sara said...

Yea, if he gets to that point, I'll stop too. We can focus on stuff.

Dawn said...

Wow. Sounds like a lot, and yet he relaxed into it. So it can't be too scary for him. Well. Other than the near drowning incident! :)

Priscilla said...

Wow. The doctors there really know their stuff. And the acupuncturist sounds really great.
Poor guy is going through such a tough time with the doctors haha, but lets hope all these people will help him.

AC said...

Nice work to both of you for making it through all the treatment (though it sounds like Oreo did alright after the waterboarding.)

I'm a big fan of "alternative" treatments for humans and pets. I'd be really interested to hear your experience as Oreo goes through more Chiro visits, and to hear if you have better results with the Chinese herbs.

Wow, Oreo really is one lucky pup to have someone take such good care of him.