Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's Misty's Birthday!

Today my sweet, sweet Misty~girl turns 12. Hard to believe. From the day she came to live with us, I always thought of her as my "young dog".

I remember the way Misty pranced around the backyard on our initial meeting. I had to have her. It was a rough first couple days as she acclimated herself to her new home, and new sibling (Munchkin), but I don't think she even remembers her former owner anymore. Seems like Misty has always been mine. Our relationship was meant to be.

Misty is a complete treasure. My good girl, who gives me no trouble. Nothing but pure sweetness. Sugar.

Today's your day sweetie! I promise to ignore that black & white thing and give you all of my attention. You deserve it!

Here's to many more cuddles, kisses, arm pit scratches, long naps on the deck, belly rubs, neighbors to bark at, and deer scat to roll your face in.


Honey the Great Dane said...

Happy Birthday, Misty!! What a grand age! And that is the most gorgeous video - showing all the facets of your lovely personality!

Honey the Great Dane

Priscilla said...

Happy Birthday Misty!! 12 is a great age, and you still look so young and pretty!

What a wonderful video too :)
It definitely was meant to be.

madcobug said...

Happy Birthday Misty. You sweet pretty girl. Great video you put together Sara. Oreo will help keep her young with all that running and play that he will soon be ready to do again. You can tell they love each other and are happy dogs.

Lian said...

Happy Sweet 12th to Misty! She doesn't look like it. A big hug across the ocean to you and a lot of slobbery kisses from your sheltie friends across the ocean too xxx

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Happy Birthday Misty!!! What a wonderful video full of great pictures and fun video clips! We too wish you many more years of all the best things in life - especially the barking at stuff part! Hope you have a fantastic day!

Joan said...

Happy 12th Birthday Sweet, Sweet Misty. ...Mom

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Misty girl! You are beautiful! And smart. And funny. And a great big sister.

Loved the picture of you at the front door, and the video clip of you knocking into Oreo as he came out of the tunnel, so YOU get the treat!

Great video your Mom made of you!

new hip dad said...

she is such a sweetheart.

you will have to update her picture in the right side bar unless she is going to lie about her age.

Jules said...

Happy Birthday, Misty!! I hope you get lots of extra love and treats.

Diana said...

Happy Birthday Misty!!! What a sweet girl. Diana

Kathy said...

Misty always looks just how you described, full of sweetness, you can see it on her face. Great video for a great doggie. Happy Birthday Misty! Hope you have a really fantastic birthday today and a great year to come!!! ((HUGS))

LauraK said...

How awesome! Our little Penny turns 12 this year too, kind of crazy how fast time goes!

Misty is so lucky to have such a devoted dog owner like you :) She seems like a really sweet girl. I like how you called Oreo the "black and white thing", it made me laugh. Hope Misty gets spoiled (more than usual) today!

Nicki said...

Happy Birthday!

Just Bill said...

Missy, love your youtube!
You showed me some tricks I did not know you could do.
enjoy your day and the treats, Bill

Deborah said...

Happy Birthday Misty and many, many more!

Ally Lifewithally said...

Happy Birthday Misty ~ what a wonderful video thanks for sharing it with us ~ Ally x

AC said...

Great birthday video! Happy special day, Misty!! She has such a great smile.

betty said...

Happy Birthday sweet Misty. Have a wonderful day being pampered. The video is a wonderful tribute to your beauty and talents. We love you.

Emma Rose said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl. Enjoy every minute of it!

Emma Rose

Josie said...

Happy Birthday Misty!!

You are soooo beautiful!

What a great video montage your mommy put together of you!

I loved it so much!

Thanks for sharing it.

You are either a very talented dog or your mommy a good trainer or both!!

Much love,
Woofs and Hugz,
Josie and Blues