Saturday, April 10, 2010

better day

Things went much better in the hydro tank today.

The vet tech decided to let Oreo stay in the tank by himself. She thought maybe her presence was making it more stressful for him. I was thrilled to hear her say that, because I knew it was true, but wasn't sure if there was some liablity clause that said she had to be in the tank with him at all times.

Oreo was able to keep his head up when the belt began. He did try and turn around a couple times, but not as bad as last time.

The tech noticed that every time Oreo looked up at me (I was standing on a ladder to be able to feed him treats), he stopped walking.

So, I sat on the ladder. Then, Oreo and I were eye level with each other, and he really got into a good walking flow. He stayed toward the middle and front of the treadmill for the majority of the time. I think he liked being able to see my face the whole time.

time elapsed: 26 minutes
miles walked: .50

I left feeling much better, now that we have tweaked things to make it a less stressful experience for Oreo.

3 sessions down, 9 to go.....


Ricky the Sheltie said...

It's absolutely great that you and the tech figured out a way for Oreo to be more comfortable in the tank! He looks good in the photo - seems like his weight is even on both back legs! Sara - you are doing an amazing job with him!

Dawn said...

You are one wonderful Dog Mom! That's for sure, and it's great to hear that things are going better in the tank. This has got to make him stronger, emotionally too I bet. You go Oreo boy!

Diana said...

Im so glad its getting better. WOW, 26 min. thats really good. Miley was funny in the tank. Everytime I would give her a treat, she stopped walking and ride the treatmill to the back. She couldnt walk and chew. LoL Diana

Kathy said...

sounds like you have some great techs that are sensitive to what is going on. Glad it went much better this time.

Priscilla said...

Great! I'm SO glad Oreo can do it now!
Hey, I never noticed a white patch on his back!
26 minutes is a long time, and 50miles is A LOT!
I agree with Dawn and Ricky. Your dogs are SO lucky to have a mom like you. In this country, I don't think they even have the facilities for anything Oreo has gone through with the water treadmill, chiropractors, rehap therapists, acupunturists....etc.