Friday, March 5, 2010

tomorrow's the day

I'll be bringing Oreo to the vet for his recheck first thing Saturday morning. While he has shown signs of improvement, I am not expecting a "green light" to return to agility.

I think we may need to spend a few more weeks doing rehab, with strengthening and stretching activities. I don't want to rush things, just to have him laid up again.

We have gotten into a new routine in the house to keep his jumping to a minimum. It is funny how quickly you can adapt. Instead of circling the kitchen table and jumping for his dinner, Oreo is sitting (mostly) on his mat while I prepare his food. We use the mat a lot.

I've kept him busy with his puzzle toys and low floor tricks.

I'll let you know what the report from the vet is tomorrow.

I may bring him to an agility class (just to watch) after our appointment. I don't want to have to reacclimate Oreo to the agility atmosphere after this injury, so I think even though we can't play, it is good to bring him to watch.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

I am certainly hoping for a good report from your vet tomorrow!

Good luck and we'll be anxious to hear how it goes!

Priscilla said...

Sounds great. I hope you get a good report from the vet.
Oreo sure has learnt how not to go 'boing boing boing'!

Diana said...

We will keep our fingers crossed. Diana

Jules said...

Good luck! I hope Oreo get sgood news. I think bringing him to agility class andkeeping acclimated is a great idea1

Dawn said...

I was just thinking, before I turned the computer on, "Is it two weeks yet? Is it two weeks yet?!"

Ah Oreo, you look like such a sedate, adult pup. I bet your Mom sort of misses the crazy pupster, ey?

We're keeping our fingers and paws crossed for a good report tomorrow!

new hip dad said...

I saw oreo yesterday. he's still a crazy pup

LauraK said...

good luck! Hope you two get some promising news :) Wouldn't it be nice if dogs were invincible and didn't get injured? Sounds like you have lots of things to keep him busy though!

Sam said...

Good luck at the vet.

I think that bringing him to agility class is a great idea! I always worry when we have time between classes that Marge is all of a sudden going to be freaked out about it. It's never happened, but I still worry! Maybe you can even run him through a couple of tunnels or something just to let him have some fun?

PS - totally cool story about Steve Martin! The bodyguards are SO nasty, but it really seems warranted. There were morons (collectors/sellers) yesterday who nearly injured someone because they were pushing too hard to try to get an autograph.

AC said...

Hope all goes well at the vet, and good for you for planning on taking things easy for awhile longer. That's a tough one to follow, but will be worth it to steer clear of a long rehab.

Thanks for your comment after our CGC test. It has helped me to start the process of deep breath, relax; OK, let's move on.

I got a chuckle out of the image of poor Oreo at the Vet with a kid in a cat costume. I've had times (once, we pulled up to a trailhead and a group of 30 army guys were doing jumping jacks in formation) when the situation for my scared dog is so absurd that all I can do is laugh and say, "You've got to be kidding me." I mean, there's just not much to do, and who on earth could have guessed a cat-kid would be there!

Kathy said...

good luck tomorrow. It is funny the first time I had to restrict activity with a high energy dog I had no clue how that could happen..... Sounds like you guys have really made the best of a bad situation so hopefully you get a really good report from the vet tomorrow. We will keep our fingers and paws crossed.

madcobug said...

Good luck at the vets tomorrow. You are doing great to keep him from running, jumping, and being so active. Good idea to just take him to classes. Helen