Wednesday, March 24, 2010

hind leg awareness

Because I am a complete wacko, I set up some jump poles and a video camera on Sunday to see if Oreo still knew where his back legs were. I thought I could show this video to the rehab vet Thursday.

It is his right hind leg that is at issue. When he is going left to right across the screen, that leg is facing you.
He only hit the bars one time. Here that is in slo-mo.

When I went into the shed and started pulling out agility equipment, Oreo had high hopes. At first, he was excited to be doing something. I was surprised when Oreo went right over the bars without me needing to use a leash or anything. It showed me how much this dog loves to work with me.

By the last try, I think he lost interest. This activity didn't involve running, jumping or a ball. BORING!

Then, I had to put him on a leash, because he moved onto enticing Misty into a game of chase.


Diana said...

He looks good. I couldnt really see any limping but I know how that goes. LoL. Good luck with the rehab vet. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I think Oreo looks good too. Because I know he has a problem, if I look really hard at the right back leg, it does seem like he puts it down a little gingerly compared to when he turns the opposite direction and I see how he puts his left leg down. But he doesn't limp. Is that what you think too? Is the slow motion (when he hit the last few bars)the second to last pass you made - the last one was were he stopped and sniffed? I thought he just hit the bars because he was getting bored with the whole thing and not necessarily because his leg was compromised.

When do you go to the rehab vet? It was a good idea to make the video and hopefully it will help the vet to make an accurate assessment of what is going on. Keeping our fingers/paws crossed!

Sara said...

I see him favor the leg more when he is standing still than walking. Of course, it is easier for me to anazlyze when he is standing still! He limps very rarely, and only in the evening after getting up from resting.

We go to the vet tomorrow.

Priscilla said...

Good luck for the vet trip tomorrow. I also didn't see anything, until the bars moved. It's great that he still loves agility and working with you.

Dawn said...

Oreo boy, you be patient, and sooner or later she's going to let you RUN!

Good luck at the rehab vet tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

Sam said...

It's the same thing here - you can't really notice anything while Marge is moving, but she does keep the weight off when standing. Thankfully, the past couple of days she's seemed a bit better, but she's still not 100%.

I also think he hit the bars because of the spacing rather than being off in that hind leg. I'm not expert, but I thought his gait looked fine.

Best of luck at the rehab vet - hope you get some answers!

Kathy said...

Good luck at the appointment tomorrow......we will be crossing our paws, fingers and toes here for good news, and a plan to get that boy back to 100%

AC said...

He looked good from here too. I'm impressed that he was so enthusiastic to walk across those bars so many times. He really does love to work with you!

I'm looking forward to hearing from the rehab vet and really hope for good news.

Lian said...

I can't see any weird movement there. I think he is looking very good and steady. Good Luck with the rehab vet.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Best of luck at the vet tomorrow!! We sure hope you get some good news! We'll be anxiously awaiting the results of your appointment!

madcobug said...

Looking good to me. Good luck at rehab. Helen

LauraK said...

What is with all these injured dogs?! We need to break this cycle :) I don't think you're a wacko- you're just really in tune to your dog. That's great that he's so excited to get back to work and do some agility!

Riley and I are tentatively going to start back up in April, hoping that a good month off allowed her shoulder to fully heal. She is going crazy without a job! Let us know how things go, we'll be thinking of you two!