Friday, March 19, 2010

finally friday!

Lately, I've shown so many moody photos of my dogs, I thought it was time for a couple happy photos.

Even though Oreo can't play ball or chase, I still bring him out in the yard on a leash to sniff around. You know, couch potato dog activities.

Yesterday, no scary kids waving sticks were around, so he was very content. See, he still smiles!

Misty found adult neighbors to bark at, so she was happy!

Jeff had a friend over yesterday. Oreo was hiding behind me at first. Eventually, Oreo stretched his neck forward to take a treat from the new scary person. I swear Oreo turned himself into a giraffe! I've never seen his neck look that long.

By the time the person was leaving, Oreo was pushing Misty out of the way, so she couldn't get any treats from him. Oreo wanted all the treats for himself out of this stranger's hand.

Oreo was also willing to perform his cross paws and bang trick (when I told him to do "shy"). I thought the bang trick puts Oreo in a pretty vulnerable position, so I was happy he felt comfortable enough to do that.

Hopefully, Oreo is learning that people = treats.

One more day 'til Spring!!!!!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Glad to hear Oreo did so well with Jeff's friend yesterday! Pretty soon he'll be running to the judge during runs at trials to see if the judge has any treats - LOL!

Diana said...

Yea Oreo! Yea Spring! Yea Friday!!!! LoL Diana

Jules said...

Way to go, Oreo. And yes, please, SPRING!!

Dawn said...

See Oreo? Not all people are scary! Some have good treats! Most love you! Socializing is a good thing!

Priscilla said...

That's great! I'm so glad Oreo is getting over the 'people are scary' challenge!

AC said...

Haha, giraffe neck! Kona gets giraffe legs =) Good to hear he wanted those treats!

I'll try to blow some of our toasty weather your way so you can have a warm first day of Spring.

LauraK said...

Great photos! That's awesome that Oreo is learning that people=treats and pushing his sister out of the way. Way to go Oreo, such a brave boy!

madcobug said...

They both look like the are smiling in different photos. love those pictures. Helen