Tuesday, February 9, 2010

tricky t-day ~ get ON the box

This month's Clean Run had an article about doing a trick with boxes. It had multiple steps to incrementally teach your dog to get on smaller and smaller boxes. Seemed like a long process. I knew Oreo could do it much faster through free shaping.

Well, he was on the third smallest box within three minutes.

I should have filled the boxes with something. They were so wobbly, shaky and unstable. My poor dog. I ended up stabilizing the smallest one between my knees for him.

This is an easy trick for anyone to try. Even Misty wanted to try. I think I needed bigger boxes for her.

Here is Jeff's trick of the week (or past few weeks). He took cabinets that looked like this:

And made them look like this:
Cool, huh? He still has to add trim on the top, and do A LOT more cabinets, but I thought I'd show off his latest project in the works. That's not just fancy paint work either. Jeff's making new fronts, sides, doors, and drawers for all the cabinets. Double click to enlarge and see my lovely recessed panels.

That's why you may hear some air nailing going on in the background of my videos.


Diana said...

The cabinets look awesome!! And of course so do the dogs. lol Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Cute box tricks! Misty's no fool - she's not putting all four feet on that box! :) How about double-dog elephant trick around one box? That would be cute.

However, no offense to Oreo and Misty, but mom says she likes Jeff's trick the best!! Your cabinets turned out great! Please send Jeff over here!!!!

Dawn said...

Yea, if Jeff gets bored or anything over there...well...there's plenty of work to be done here! :)

Oreo is so smart! And so is Misty, no four feet for her, no way!

Joan said...

You have been wanting those new cabinets for quite awhile. I always liked the brown ones, maybe because I live with dark brown ones. As usual Jeff is doing an amazing job...perfection! I think your bloggers should know that the tile work they see in the photos was done by "you"...also perfection. ...Mom

Josie said...

Oreo and Misty are doing great! Love watching the video of them. Clean Run is such a great source of info. Although, Josie's strength's lie in Therapy work. She does agility, but is not lightning fast. I think that is why she makes such a great Therapy dog. ;-) Love Oreo's little folded ear! Much Love. Woof soon!

LauraK said...

Wow, beautiful cabinets! I love stuff like that, thanks for sharing :)

Cute trick too, your dogs are so smart! They're lucky to have you testing their brains all the time.

Priscilla said...

Nice cabinets!
And wow! I didn't know Oreo could do it even on the smallest wobbliest boxes, but well done to him :D

AC said...

Oreo got that so quickly! It seems like a good confidence builder to balance on something that's a bit wobbly.

It's fun to watch dogs trying to figure things out. "Maybe this will get me a treat. No, OK, how about this?"

Beautiful cabinet work, Jeff!

Ludo van Doggy said...

Well done Oreo! That last box looked really tricky! Lovely new cabinets.
Ludo thinks he can do a favourite things to bark at list too.
~lickies, Ludo

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh, clever Oreo - well done!!

I think my human will have to find REALLY sturdy boxes for me if we're to attempt this trick - otherwise they will all just collapse under me the minute I try to climb on them! :-)

Honey the Great Dane

Nicki said...

Can Jeff come over to our house? lol

Kathy said...

The kitchen is going to look awesome, what a handy guy, and looks like he is doing marvelous work.

Love the box tricks, I am not suprised your dogs had that down so quickly-such smarties ;-). I had some boxes I used for canine pilates-I filled those with kittie litter, one that was not messy, cheap and clean.