Saturday, February 6, 2010

league match

Our runs were less than stellar today, but nothing to be embarrassed about either. I didn't treat on either run. In hindsight, I wish I had treated during his first run. Not sure why I didn't. I think sometimes I worry if I stop our movement, that may make his stress level worse.

Oreo went around the first jump. I didn't bring him back around, we just kept going and he took the next jump. He did some sideways glances at the judge and at the crowd. However, there were also times when he didn't look.

I handled the two jumps after the first tunnel in a weird way to make it less stressful for him. He was jumping toward the crowd on the first jump, then toward the timer and scribe on the second. So, I went around the jumps with him, rather than serpentine it like I would in class.

He got the obstacle discrimination! That was awesome! Then, took the wrong end of the tunnel. Off course! I'll take it. He even snuck behind me.

Overall, he was somewhat pokey, but then again, so was I. I don't know why I can't seem to run in this place.

Our games run was blackjack. You had 60 seconds to accumulate 21 points, different obstacles were worth different points. I had mapped out a smooth course for us days ago.

Today, while I was walking it, I changed my mind, based on where the ring crew was sitting. I walked it a few different ways. Still undecided when the walk thru was over. I watched the 8 inch dogs go, and still had no clue what I was doing. I kept counting on my fingers...does this make 21?????

I went to get Oreo. He walked into the building seeming much more at ease than the first run. When I brought him to the gate, he was pulling on his leash, trying to get in the ring.

OK. Back to Plan A. I decided I was going to run like my dog doesn't notice ring crew, or a loud judge. Maybe if I act like he's not scared, he won't be.

We ended up with 20 points, because after the weave pole, I couldn't remember if my original plan including the jump before the tunnel or not. If we went over 21 points we would score a zero, if we went under, we'd get a 20. I went with the 20.

Again, Oreo was somewhat pokey. Although, he has certainly had worse runs in this building.

He was full of energy in the morning, and I decided to give him a good round of ball and chase with Misty before we left the house. Usually, I try and conserve his energy before a match. Not sure if I made the right move or not. Did it relieve some nervous tension, or make him tired? I'll have to keep experimenting.

After the match, when we pulled into the driveway, there were about 20 robins sitting on the lawn, singing their hearts out! Mom & Dad you can come home from Florida anytime now. Spring has officially arrived! Of course you'll have to drive through all that snow south of here.


LauraK said...

You two looked great! That blackjack game seems like it would be a lot of fun :) I've never heard of that. The way you ran it looked really smooth too. I think it's fun to make up courses, especially since you can plan out a course that has your team's strongpoints. Glad you two had a good time, wish we could say the same thing about today :(

Dawn said...

Looks like so much fun! Of course Oreo isn't afraid of the dog walk or the A frame or the teeter...sigh.

A flock of robins!? YEA! I think they move in flocks when they're migrating into and out of places, so they must be moving back into your neighborhood. I haven't seen any up here yet. Though we didn't get the snow either, so it sort of feels like spring. 25 degrees and sunshine. Yummy!

Congratulations on good league runs! So nice to get in all that practice...eventually he'll be less stressed and then the fun will begin!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Oreo looked good in his runs - not super speedy but still very good! You did a great job of picking him up out of the tunnels - I know that was something you wanted to remember to do in general and you're doing it!

Robins are here all winter so unfortunately we can't consider them harbingers of spring. And by the looks of it outside my window, spring is a LONG way off!

Diana said...

Im not sure if you are allowed to do this or not , or if you even want to. But what if the ring crew or the judge threw a treat to Oreo when he went by? In the second run he did look less nervous. You guys did good. Diana

Sara said...

That's a good idea. I'm not sure if it's allowed. I know people get annoyed if food/crumbs get left in the ring. I could try doing it in classes though.

After watching the videos, I'm definitely going to use treats in our next league matches, and take advantage of this training opportunity while I can.

Kathy said...

I thought you looked more confident in the second run-a little more like you were driving to the next obstacle more, and it seemed to me like Oreo liked that. Or did it just seem that way to me because Oreo was more relaxed so you could be too?

That really looked great. I thought he looks very good, with all the new things he has been doing, it has not been that long since he first started league and that seems to have a lot of new challenges and he seems to really be rising to the occassion-WAY TO GO!!!!

Sara said...

I definitely felt more confident, because Oreo was acting more confident in the waiting area. He seemed ready to go. That's why I decided to run the course like I would in class, and just pretend the people weren't there.

I think I keep hoping for HUGE improvements each week, and have to remember this is a long, lifelong process for Oreo.

Kathy said...

LOL, it was just funny because watching those tapes it seemed like the chicken/egg dilema-who was more confident first-but you can really see you guys are very sensitive to each other-guess that is why you are a good team. Hey, I think it is always easier for others outside to see the small steps, when you are in the middle of it it seems to take forever, but if you look just a couple of months ago right before you started league and look now, it is really a huge improvement even though there are a lot more things for Oreo to deal with. You guys really are doing awesome.