Sunday, February 7, 2010

Misty's Bark List

Princess Eva asked us to come up with our ten favorite things. I think we've already done that before, but I couldn't find the post. I remember Oreo's top two....#1. My Ball, #2. My other ball......

So, I decided to come up with a new list.

Misty's 10 Favorite Things to Bark At:
  1. People leaving the house (this includes standing on the back of the couch and scratching at the picture window).

  2. People coming to the house, especially people in big brown trucks.

  3. Garage door opening(this includes scratching the tv stand).

  4. Neighbors in their yard ( I am planning on burying Misty's ashes at the corner of the yard, her favorite lookout/barking post).

  5. Barking when our mean neighbor lady tells her dog to "stop barking".

  6. Barking when I turn on the dishwasher.

  7. Barking when daddy says, "Do you want cheerios?"

  8. Barking at 7:30PM, when daddy says "Is it snacktime?"

  9. Barking at squirrels.

  10. Barking when I stand on a chair....we're working on desensitizing this one right now, that is why it is at the bottom.


Sam said...

Barking for cheerios - that's a new one! Adorable!

Diana said...

Sound like Guiness and Misty like to bark at the same things. LoL Diana

Dawn said...

And exactly why would you BE standing on a chair?

Sara said...

LOL. I'm too lazy to get out a step stool to reach the top shelves in the kitchen.

Kathy said...

How funny, she sounds like a good sheltie, my shelties Skyler and Chloe are very proud of her for being a goooooood barker, LOL.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

One can never bark too much!

Honey the Great Dane said...

My goodness, Misty - I'm exhausted just READING about all the things you bark at!! :-)

I'm the complete opposite of you - I practically never bark at all! In fact, my humans had to actually "teach" me & encourage me to bark when strangers came to our front door. but even now, if I'm busy (like eating or sleeping), I might give a half-hearted "woof" and then just continue doing what I was doing! Hee! Hee! My humans say that I'm the world's worst watchdog! :-)

Honey the (Mute) Great Dane