Tuesday, February 23, 2010

let him out!

We had a really weird snow today. Slick, heavy, wet. Not the nice, cold, fluffy stuff we're used to up north. It took me almost an hour to drive my 5 miles from work to home. All the hills from my school to the main road had multi car crashes on them. I kept having to go down side streets to find another way home. You just couldn't stop your car on the steep down slope. My antilock brakes were working overtime, and I still didn't know if I was ever going to stop. Scary!

We've been putting Oreo in his crate while we're at work to help him heal. We haven't crated him since he was a year old. Misty is so cute. As soon as I get home, she runs to the crate and paws the door. She wants me to let her buddy out! Then, they have a reunion, and I'm chopped liver (hmmm, maybe that's not a good metaphor when referring to dogs).

I put the musher's secret wax on the dogs' paws on Saturday, and put it to the ultimate test with this sticky snow.

Let me tell you, that stuff works! Not one ice ball to be found on their feet. Amazing. Makes them feel better, and I no longer end up stepping in puddles on my carpet.

I think it is supposed to snow through the night.....so maybe I'll have a snow day tomorrow...I think I'd rather have spring.


Sam said...

I'm sick of this snow. At this rate, I'm never going to be able to do agility outdoors, because the world is going to be a swamp!

That's REALLY cute about Misty pawing Oreo's crate, and thanks for letting us know about Musher's Secret!

Diana said...

Im always jealous of snow days. But here they never build any extra days into the school year. SO then we go extra days at the end of the year. And that is not fun. Im glad you got home safe.Diana

Dawn said...

Glad you're safe. This last storm had really heavy wet snow for us too. Lucky me I don't have a job so I didn't have to drive in it! Plus it's not as hilly here as where you are!

How cute that Misty wants her little brother to get out of his crate. I wonder if she sleeps next to it all day? Or goes off and plays with all the FAVORITE toys while he's locked away?

madcobug said...

Beautiful picture. Sweet Misty loves her buddy. I hope Oreo's feel soon get well. Hopefully that wax is the way to go. Helen

Priscilla said...

Glad you arrived home safely.

Sweet misty!! No matter how he annoys her, in the end, they still want to be together.

Mushers secret wax? oo. sounds awesome.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

The snow is really getting old!!! Glad you got home safely - sounds like a terrible drive.

Mom has been saying she is going to get my some Musher's Secret and she never does. Maybe your comments about it will finally get her to order it!

Joan said...

All that snow made for an absolutely beautiful photo!

Nicki said...

I hate driving in snow. I'll go out of my way to make sure I don't have to drive in it if possible. I've never tried that musher stuff buy shaving the bottom of their feet helps too. Also helps with mud!