Friday, February 19, 2010

back from the vet

Oreo is back from the vet. The good news is he did not tear /rupture his ACL. Whew. That was my biggest fear going in there, and it was also what my vet was expecting to find when she examined Oreo.

Instead, she found swelling around his knee, a lot of tension/stiffness in his quads, and general tenderness in his entire hind leg/hip area. She thinks when Oreo hurt his paw, he probably twisted, or landed funny.

Prognosis....good. jumping for two weeks. Which means no ball playing, agility, getting on the couch/bed, jumping up for his cookie, etc. Wish me luck.

Also, he is going to have laser light therapy. Oreo had his first treatment today. Let me tell you, it must have felt good. Oreo fell sound asleep with 3 complete strangers hovering over him.

The laser therapy is supposed to stimulate the healing process, reduce swelling & inflammation and increase the serotonin level in the brain. Cool, huh?

My vet said that if Oreo was "just a house dog", one treatment would be sufficient, but since he is an "athlete", we will do 6 altogether. She said we could use some NSAID's, but she is afraid he would feel too good too fast, and risk reinjuring himself. She'd rather let him heal naturally. I agreed.

She also gave me some techniques to massage and stretch his legs.

I feel like my dog just spent the day at the spa. He even had a bath yesterday!

We will be missing a league match next week, but that's ok. I may bring him just to hang out and socialize a bit.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

What a relief that you got a good prognosis! It's so scary when a dog starts limping and you fear the worst. I'm so grateful that there was no tear or rupture!

Mom has heard about laser light therapy for reducing inflammation in people with osteoarthritis - probably the way of the future.

It's so very tough to keep a Sheltie from running and jumping so we do wish you lots of luck! Maybe you can find some calm tricks to teach?

Jules said...

Whew, what a huge relief! It sounds like you have a really thorough vet - which is awesome.

Funny, Bug is also having cold laser therapy currently. He gladly turns his sore side to the PT! Given he has been scurrying away from everyone but me that tries to touch that side, it must feel good. I asked the PT if it feels good. She said she has used it on herself and didn't notice anything, but she wasn't hurt when she did it. She said she uses it on wounds as well and the speed of recovery is amazing. She said you can practically see the skin healing.

I am picking up stairs for Bug this weekend so we can avoid jumping up and down on the bed! And he is out of agility class for a few weeks, too. Our poor boys. they are lucky dogs!

AC said...

Wishing you luck with the keep-Oreo-still mission. That's always a challenge! I'm glad to hear that he'll be on the mend without any major treatment.

That's amazing that Oreo was totally relaxed during the light therapy. Maybe you can recruit a therapy team to give him a session while you work on some counter conditioning! =)

Dawn said...

Good news for Oreo...but it's going to be stressful for YOU trying to keep him calm. Maybe a lot of nice calm walks so that he gets out and is on a leash and can't run too much. If the weather cooperates. We have sunshine today so maybe you'll get that tomorrow!

Good luck with all of it! I think getting the massage instructions would be valuable.

Diana said...

Hey at least they didnt say crate rest. That's the worse. But keeping a dog off the furinture is hard. When Miley had "no jumping " orders I had big pillows and empty boxes on the furinture to keep her off. My house was a mess. Here's hoping the two weeks go quickly. Diana

Sara said...

That's a good idea! Thanks.

madcobug said...

Glad that he is going to be better. Maybe I should have some of his treatments on my back. Helen

Kathy said...

Glad it is easily fixed. Tell Oreo to be a good boy and listen to the vet about the activity restrictions and tell him nice walks are great. When we have had such restrictions in the past we do lots of walks and I put xpens in front of things they are likely to jump on, because mine will be jumping on the couch in a heart beat even when I am standing right next to them and they are on leash, we walk by and boom there they are, and we do lots of letting them sit around the house with me on leash. We have got pretty good at handling those type of restrictions unfortunately, LOL.

Josie said...

Wow, nothing like a day at the spa for Oreo. That's all good news. Good luck keeping Oreo quiet. But you didn't mention anything about Misty?? Do you have any notion why she behaved the way she did at class?? Just wondering..BTW, Oreo does look so handsome in his "soft crate". Relaxed and handsome...ahhhhhh....
Much Love,

Priscilla said...

That's great news!
What a lucky boy! It seems he now knows what it feels like (as a human) going to a spa.
I'm sorry he cannot do agility and jumping for 2 weeks, but since he is an 'athelete', he needs the rest. They all do, at one point. What a good idea. Why not let him out and make more friends :)

new hip dad said...

I want to come back as one of sara's dogs.

betty said...

Betty and Amelia send hugs and good cheers for Oreo. We know in two weeks, he'll be back to running and jumping with Misty.

Sam said...

Wow, I'm so glad that it isn't anything bad. Good luck keeping him quiet the next two weeks - hope it goes by quickly!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh Misty & Oreo - am so sorry I've not come visiting for ages!! Hsin-Yi was away overseas at this Ian Dunbar conference and then when she came back, our Google Reader was on 164 and when it gets like that, she just becomes like an ostrich and tries to hide from it and pretend it isn't there...and now our Google Reader is on 241 - aaaarrrggghh!! So I have forced her to sit down and help me visit some friends otherwise it's going to be the dreaded "Mark all as read" button!!

Anyway, am so relieved to hear that your injury isn't really serious, Oreo...although I bet it's going to be hard for you to keep quiet & still while you're recovering! :-)

Honey the Great Dane

Dawn said...

True, the leash thing inside might work as well. Katie gets put on "The Magic Leash" when she gets too excited and she calms right down. Even if I drop my end of the leash she stays more quiet dragging the leash. Though I have to watch her to make sure she doesn't get caught up on anything.

Sara said...

Yes, I can see I may have to use a leash when I vacuum today! I also had to put him on a leash this morning when I let him out to pee. He usually goes tearing out of the houe at mock speed. He was confused, but compliant.

Abby and Aiden said...

Glad your injury isn't too bad Oreo, hope your recovery quickly!