Sunday, January 10, 2010

when's it going to happen?

I was talking to my sister about how Oreo did at his league match. I told her I was getting frustrated, because he was still nervous.

My sister said, "But, you've been working on it."

I told her how I keep hearing agility is supposed to build confidence.....when is that going to happen? I guess I'm hoping for quicker results.

I decided to go back and look at the video from our very first trial last May.

After watching, I must admit, progress has been made. Oreo is so much better now. More work, time, and exposure is still needed, and probably will be for his entire life. I guess I need to have patience.

It was funny to watch the videos, because I remember how proud I was of him that weekend!

I can't wait to be doing agility outside again!


Jules said...

It's really easy to lose track of how far you've come when you aren't where you want to be yet. Keep working at it. I think you are doing everything right to bring Oreo's confidence level up.

You might want to consider sheep. You're probably going, "yeah but that's just because you love herding with your dog." But seriously, a lot of local sheltie people I know who's dogs have confidence issues have turned to herding and seen a change in their dogs.

Sara said...


I'd LOVE to try herding. I think it's too cold right now, but maybe in the spring.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

We know how you feel about getting frustrated and wondering what is taking so long for confidence to come but as you found out, you have made tons of progress (like we have)! It's so fun to have videos to go back and watch, isn't it? I bet Oreo and I are different dogs out on the agility course by this time next year!

I too can't wait to do agility outside again!

madcobug said...

I can tell a lot of difference now from the first. He can run like the wind now. I think when it had been a while people gets him sidetracked because he is used to being at home with just you and sometimes Jeff who he is used to. Helen

Diana said...

I feel your frustration. I know my problems are different then yours but I understand. You feel like you are working and doing all the right things but you cant feel the improvement. I too see improvement in Oreo. His speed has increased but also his demenor is better. He no longer looks like he is scared when he is running. To me thats huge. I bet over the next year his speed will keep increaseing. Diana

LauraK said...

I think we all get discouraged at one point or another and just want everything to be instant- which as we all know is definitely NOT the case in agility :)

He has made such a HUGE improvement Sara- you always have such a great, positive attitude with your training and I totally look up to you for that :) Keep on truckin'- everything will come with time, and you'll look back on it all and laugh that you even stressed about it. He's a great dog!

I can't wait for warm weather and playing outside again too- but "winter" has barely begun here in CO!

Sara said...

Thanks everyone.

Priscilla said...

I think after reading all these agility blogs, we're even slightly edging towards training Eva for AGILITY!!!

Priscilla said...

And I forgot to say, Oreo has improved so much and is faster :)) Well done to him

Kathy said...

Herding has done some really cool things for my border collies, I find it VERY challenging for me, it is hard for me to understand and VERY EXPENSIVE, and the confidence building with Liz in that area is going slowly but I think you have to be VERY careful who you train with. A lot of trainers in herding are HARD and really feel that you put a lot of pressure on dogs right away and they either make it or dont, so I would definitely watch how they work with dogs, there are only a few instructors around here I would let around Liz because she is so sensitive--although even those look pretty rough with dogs that are really gripping or biting sheep and harder dogs so I would want to watch an instructor with a more sensitive dog or I would not be put off if they are looking a little hard with a dog doing a lot of biting, that does have to be stopped and can be very serious so they do get pretty rough with dogs doing that. You should find a good person and just do an instinct test with Oreo and see how interested he is, then you do not have to pursue anything it is just fun to see you dog out there trying something that is in their genetic make up. I think it is so important to do videos or keep training logs, because when we are in the middle of training I think it is so hard to see the progress-especially with dogs that are building confidence-I have seen tons of things Oreo is doing now that he was not doing just a few months ago and things that would bother him a few months ago that he is really learning to handle now, you should be so proud.

Sara said...

Thanks for all that wonderful advice. I've always wanted to try herding, but have been nervous about are putting your dog in with live, unpredictable animals!

An instinct test sounds like a great idea. That's really what I see if oreo has any inclination to WANT to herd sheep.