Tuesday, January 5, 2010

tricky t-day ~ jump for joy!

If you've seen our dinner & a cookie video, you know Oreo can jump high. I've tried putting it on cue, with fancy clicker "capturing", to no avail. Oreo's jumping was purely spontaneous.

I saw Ricky doing his rebound trick, where he bounces off his mom's leg. I began teaching Oreo that trick, and Oreo started just jumping up and down.

Add a cue word, "joy", and finally, I have a dog who will jump for joy on command. Yea!

He was even performing this trick before our agility run thrus. I was shocked he was leaping & twisting for joy in public.

Here a video of Oreo jumping for joy (on cue) and some leg rebounds. He's much better at the jump for joy, since he pretty much taught himself that trick. The freeze frames are intentional.
Misty now thinks jumping on me is a trick. Great. Good thing she's not a big dog. My dogs have never been "jump on people" dogs, otherwise I probably wouldn't be teaching these tricks!

Jump/spin around is now Oreo's default trick (replaces his cross paws). He loves it.


Sam said...

That's really cute. Marge's "up" trick used to be her simply standing on her hind legs, but it has evolved into her jumping up in the air. It's really cute, and great motivation when she's feeling nervous about something.

Priscilla said...

Aww! Too cute!

Diana said...

Great progress. Its such a cute trick. Diana

Dawn said...

Ya know...most people teach dogs NOT to jump! LOL! Yours are so cute though being joyful!

Sara said...

I know, I'm sure I will regret this someday!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

That's really fun! Oreo jumps so high! I actually do Oreo's trick too almost half the time when mom tells me to do rebound. I am too excited to get my feet to hit her leg first and so I just skip that part like Oreo! Oreo and I are a lot alike - every time I do a "down" I cross my paws. Not exactly promising for my obedience trialing career.

I think the freeze frames are so cool. Boy do I need better video editing software!

LauraK said...

how fun! your dogs must know a million tricks by now :) so cute to watch!

Kathy said...

That jump/spin is terrific and it really seems to get Oreo going--and Misty for that matter, LOL. My agility instructor is really big on having dogs do tricks at the start line when they are going in the ring to get them excited and so you can guage their stress level, that would be a great one to do before agility runs with Oreo.

Yours Faithfully said...

Wow! Such beautiful dogs! You have a lovely site.