Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's CPE trial

Woke up to 3 inches of snow, and lots more coming down. I was coughing & sneezing.

Jeff said, "I don't think its a good idea for you to go today."

Oh, I'm going!

It took me an extra 15 minutes, but I made it to the trial just in time to walk the course for our Colors run.

Today was our first day running level 3 courses.

Oreo did awesome!!!!!! He was confident and fast. Colors is great for him, because it is a short course.

I sat down after our run, and 20 minutes later, someone came over and said, "Did you check the scores? I think you should."

I knew Oreo had Q'ed and done well, but I also knew there were some really good dogs competing at our height level.

Well, Mr. Oreo came in 1st place. Plus, he beat the second place dog by 10 seconds. Whoo Hoo!

Worth the trek in the snowstorm!

Then, came our standard run. I brought Oreo in the building, and just could not find a place where he felt comfortable. Lunch was being brought in. Doors were being open/shut. Dogs/people were everywhere. He was out of sorts.

I thought our run might be a disaster.

I did the ol' drop and go, and he seemed OK. He hesitated on the teeter when he saw the judge, but I thought we might actually pull it off......until we came back around the facility. Then, Oreo decided not to do some jumps, or the A-frame. I knew I could have brought him back and gotten him over the obstacles. CPE doesn't call refusals. However, I opted to just keep going, clearly something was stressing him out, and I didn't want to make it worse. Just keep him moving.

It was our worst score ever. Last place with 45 faults!!! Ha! It was almost comical to see a number that large next to his name. I'm so used to seeing "0" in our faults column.

Worst score maybe, but I didn't think it was our worst run ever.

Oreo got lots of treats/meatballs after both runs.

Here are the videos of our runs. I put our standard run first. Save the best for last, right?
This is our last trial until April. We'll just do our league matches (& maybe some run thrus) until then, where I'm going to focus on reward, reward, reward, because I have an awesome dog who deserves it.


Joan said...

Way to go are starting 2010 off with a championship run! Hope you and Sara are both resting all after noon.

Jules said...

Yay, Oreo! The judge's positioning during your standar run was tough for Oreo. Ike would have reacted exactly the same way! I like how you kept him moving.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Awesome job!!! Hurray for Oreo! That colors run was fabulous! Even the std run looked really good - he started out fast - and then since you kept going it just looked like he did a great course! Once again you were so smart to keep him moving and happy! Wow - we are really impressed with you guys!

madcobug said...

Oreo was great on his first run. Maybe that Judge was making him nervous on the second run. A big hand to him. I hope you are feeling lots better today. Helen

Nicki said...

Great job! And good luck making it to April with no's addicting huh?

Diana said...

You're so funny! "Oh, Im going". LOL Great runs! Oreo was really booking in colors! You really get a glimps of the dog inside that is coming out. WhooHoo.
Dont feel bad about the 45, I know someone who ran snookers and got a negative number. Because after her dog took the first wrong jump and then your run is over, she cursed. So see, it could be worse. Good for you for keeping moving. Diana

Dawn said...

Way to go Oreo! Yes he is an awesome dog and deserves all the meatballs he can eat (without getting sick of course!). Hey Sara, what exactly is the definition of a "colors" run anyway? It looked a lot like standard but something must be different. I'm enrolling Katie in an agility class that starts next week. Also going to continue to do the Rally class. Do you think I should subscribe to Clean Run even if we're very very very beginners?

LauraK said...

You're right, he does deserve all those rewards! He's such a great little dog, you two are so fun to watch. That colors run was beautiful! Congrats on the Q!

Sam said...

I SOOOO agree with you on the "don't go back" thing, we finished our NADAC standard run in November with 30 faults because I would not go back and fix Marge's botched weaves. Big congrats on the Q and 1st!

Priscilla said...

Well done to both you and Oreo! He deserved his meatballs!!
Huge congrats!!!
Kisses from Princess Eva

new hip dad said...

you both looked great on both runs. bad judge not bad dog.

Sara said...

thanks dad. At the end of our run, the judge was walking toward the scribe so she could explain just how many fault points we got! LOL.

Lian said...

Well done Oreo! Good start of the year! Way to go!