Saturday, January 30, 2010

heated up the place

Boy is it cold. I thought our agility class might be canceled due to the frigid temperatures. My teacher went in the building at 7:30AM and it was 2 degrees or so. By the time we got there around 1PM, it was 40. Not bad.

I had to crate Oreo in the building, and I left Misty at home. Too cold to leave them in the car today, even with the sun shining.

Oreo didn't want to go in his crate at first. Really unusual for him. Typically, he drives into it, seeking safety. No, he wanted to watch the people setting up the course, and mingle. I fed him lots of treats. He accepted treats from a new person this week. She was very quiet, and waited until Oreo had adjusted to her presence and was ready to take the treats from her. Then, later in the day, she came back, and stood near us with her dog. I gave him lots of treats for that. Then, she gave Oreo a treat and he took it right away this time. Progress. Baby steps. It is nice when people step in and know what your dog needs, without you even asking for their help.

Oreo did great with the agility sequence. We had some difficult weave entries, but he got them every time. He did a fly by on the jump after the A-Frame our first run. My teacher said there was a crate rocking back and forth (a dog was in it)very close to the jump, and Oreo noticed that. He also kept taking the wrong entrance on the first tunnel. Other than that, he heated up the place. On every teeter, he gave me amazing eye contact. I think it was because the teeter was at the very back of the building, away from any scary stuff.

I had my teacher video our last run. I always feel like Oreo runs faster and happier in class, than at league and trials. I wanted some proof. I think I got it.
After this run, my teacher came over to hand me my camera, and Oreo put his paw on her arm and wouldn't let go. Sweet. More progress.

There were at least 10-12 people and dogs there, but it was so quiet during my run! All you can hear are the heaters blowing. They know Oreo gets distracted by noises, aren't they kind to help us out like that?

I also got talked into running the most intense border collie on the planet.

Uh yea, I'm glad that's not my dog. He kept looking at me like, "You are the stupidest human on the planet, where's my mother?" I love to watch his owner handle him though!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Gosh - that's all just so awesome, Sara!! Oreo running fast, focused and happy, accepting strangers and their dogs, the people in your class being quiet to help him out - it's all such good news! So glad your teacher videoed your last run so we could see that Oreo has made amazing progress! Congratulations!

LauraK said...

You guys looked great out there! I love how you always have a smile on your face when you're running him- just goes to show what agility truly is about.

Good to hear about the progress with Oreo! You should have taped you running the crazy BC :) I've never really run another dog- but I'm sure it's really weird at first!

Diana said...

You guys were awesome. Good for you!! Im so glad people are helping you out and that Oreo is taking steps toward feeling more comfortable. WhooHoo!! Diana

madcobug said...

You both did great. Seems like Oreo is getting better and faster every time. Helen

bew hip dad said...

great run. both of you look to be having a good time.

Dawn said...

Way to go Oreo! You're making your Mom so proud! Us too! And we've never really met you! What a boy! Great class too. Katie won't take treats from anyone either, regardless of how wonderful the treats are, it's all stress related. She does however, go up to people in class and ask for treats. Then she won't take them.

Anyway, it was great to see Oreo so happy on the run. I'm going to go watch it again!

Priscilla said...

Wow. Well done Oreo. What amazing progress you have done today. And how kind of the people to let you have a quiet run.
Bet your mom is glad that the BC is not her dog!
Gld you two had a pawesome time!

Sam said...

I agree with you - I do think that Oreo has a little bit more bounce in his step at class. It's nice to see another vid of him working!

And you thought my sequence was hard.. I think yours looked even harder!

Kathy said...

wow, he looks GREAT~
I can not imagine that type of cold.....I am such a whimp about cold....I freeze into an icicle at about forty degrees, LOL-you have my admiration going out in that.

Dad said...

Getting Better and Better all the time. Thanks Sara.

Lian said...

Oreo is getting so confident and much faster! Well done!