Saturday, January 16, 2010

A-Frame A-OK

Despite Oreo's foot bumps, I brought him to class today. He was walking, playing, and acting fine, so I thought we'd go at least for the social aspect.

I went in with the attitude, "whatever Oreo felt comfortable doing, we would do." I had him jump 8 inches, instead of 12.

The course was mostly jumps, with a couple tunnels, 6 weaves and the A-Frame.

There were a lot of people there today, so I left Oreo in the car, until two dogs ahead of him were running, then I brought him in the building and started feeding him treats. He was relaxed and watching the dogs run. After our run, I fed him some more treats in the building, then put him back in the car until the next round.

Due to league, trial, and weather, we haven't been to a Saturday class since mid December, and one of our classmates noticed an improvement in Oreo's demeanor.

She said that he still seems shy, but not intimidated. That made me feel really good. Oreo even let her pet his chest, then Oreo put his paw on her arm when she did so! Wow. That has never happened.

Oreo's runs were great. He did the A-Frame 4 times, and never hesitated or went around it.

Isn't that great? The mystery thickens.

We ran an intermediate course twice and then a masters. Oreo aced them all, with just a few minor bobbles, probably my fault. He rules.

A father, mother, son group that does DOCNA with their border collies was at class this week. I love to watch them run their dogs. One is named Oreo. But it is their middle child (dog) I like the best. He is so intense and driven. She put a treat on a target at the bottom of the A-Frame. The dog did a perfect contact, looked at the target, ignored the treat, because he'd rather go on to the next obstacle than stop to eat. Amazing. I could never handle that dog, that's why I love to watch them.

With so many people, the class lasted 2 and a half hours. I was proud of Oreo for having the stamina to last through the entire class, especially midday. He's more of a morning dog!

On my way to agility, I passed people ice fishing on a lake. Then, since it was above freezing, I passed a person on a motorcycle. On my way home, I passed people sitting outside having a barbecue. Only in the Northeast do you have a picnic in January, because it hits 38 degrees.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Great news about Oreo's class and his foot issue (non-issue)! It's a relief to know he seemed just fine and did the aframe without problems too. Maybe you'll never really know why he wouldn't do the aframe the other day.

Oreo is getting more and more comfortable doing agility all the time - awesome!

Diana said...

Im so glad about Oreo. Thats so great! Im sorry but 38 is freezing. I dont know how you all do it. I thought it was chilly today is was 50 but cloudy and felt cold to me. I know, wimpy. lol Diana

Sam said...

Glad to hear the good news from your class! I hope you have a match or something soon cause I really want to see some video of Oreo now that my internet's fixed :)

Chuckling at the people picnicking!

LauraK said...

Such great news about Oreo! That's always a relief :) We've had weather in the 50's out here and it's been glorious- this is what Colorado winters are supposed to be like!

madcobug said...

I am so glad that Oreo is back on course. I would love to see him in person doing all that he does. That was cute him putting his paw on the woman's arm after she petted him. Helen

Dawn said...

Well of COURSE 38 degrees warrants a picnic! LOL! When I lived in the Upper Peninsula we had a picnic on Memorial Day regardless of the temp. Often in snow and/or fog.

I'm glad Oreo is back on track too! You will probably never know what was going through that cute little head of his. Maybe something you didn't notice spooked him for the day. Could be that simple. Probably isn't.

Priscilla said...

You must be very proud of Oreo!
Glad he's done so well.

Kathy said...

wow, ice fishing, that is something I can not see myself getting into, I am much too much of a whimp about the cold, LOL.

Oreo sounds like he was an awesomely brave young man, how cool is that. Putting his paw on someones arm, that is hugely brave.

Glad the Aframe went great. One of our last classes my instructor deanna was talking about how for some dogs food is almost a punisher because you are making them wait to take it, and they find it so much rewarding to just go, LOL, pretty cool stuff.

Good job Oreo, I am sure he got some extra special treats for being able to hang for that long of a class, he is really making so much progress-it is amazing -you have to be very proud of that gorgeous boy.