Sunday, January 3, 2010

colors run

Dawn asked what made a Colors run different from a Standard run. Good question!

Basically, there are 2 different sequences laid out on the same course. You pick (or sometimes your dog ends up picking) which one you want to run.

I chose the one which I felt had the smoothest line. It was a risk, because it included the A-Frame, instead of the teeter.

Here is the course map. I did the "circle" course, so I followed the numbers with circles around them.

When you are on the course, there are different colored cones for the different choices. If your dog picks the "wrong" number 3 jump, you have to go with whichever course your dog opted to go with. So, it is good to know both courses.

Oh, here's my run in case anyone missed it! LOL.

Hey, Dawn wants to know if she should subscribe to Clean Run even though she's a beginner. Here are my thoughts, everyone else can chime in! Clean Run has some VERY technical stuff that I find interesting, but don't really utilize. Maybe someday I will! Still working on confidence building. However, there are also articles on just starting out too. For example, the past two issues had articles about teaching the teeter to a new dog! Overall, I always find something worthwhile. Plus, I save my issue, because I know someday I may need to reference back. I think I started subscribing after taking classes for about 6 months. Here is a link for three free online sample issues. Maybe that will help you decide.


Priscilla said...

AWESOME! WEll done Oreo! You really got my heart beating for you there! Even watching you guys do agility, I'm getting a very stressed heart. How do you do it IN REAL LIFE?!?!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

We started getting Clean Run as beginners too. A lot of it was/is over our heads, but mom is really interested in the geeky part of agility and finds trying to figure out the handling and stuff very interesting and challenging. And we save all our issues too. So I guess you would say we vote for subscribing!

Diana said...

I think clean run is a good magazine for anyone. I have lots of old ones and many times Im going back through to find articles on fixing things Ive broken. LOL. Plus I found that sometimes I didnt read an article because I didnt think it applied to me, and there would helpful advice in that article that did apply to me. So you never know. Diana

Jules said...

Clean Run is absolutely a good idea. When I first started getting it it was often like a different language for me, but now when a problem arises I love being able to look back and find another issue that dealt with my current problem. Definitely worth it, IMO.

Dawn said...

Thanks Sara (and everyone!) for all the good information! I love watching Oreo run! I am hoping to get Katie into the next beginner agility class that starts in a week.

Sara said...


I'm sure Katie will be excited to do agility again.

Kathy said...

EXCELLENT, that was GREAT!!!

As far as clean run, I started getting it when I was a beginner, and I think there is a lot for beginners and some might feel over a beginners head...but it started me thinking about what I did want, or what the options were, I think usually when you are in a class you get to see one persons way of doing things, but sometimes reading something like Clean Run or watching some DVDs might give you other ideas, or sometimes when your instructor is sounding weird insisting you reward at just the right place and it is hard to see why...sometimes as a beginner it makes no sense...but then you read some article about the more advanced part of what you are doing and you see how down the line that reinforcement position your instructor was being so picky about becomes so important. Also like Diana said now I have that reference to go back to because I have all my old issues and I find some great stuff that I might not have been able to use then but can use now and I am so glad I have it. Anyway, just my two cents, even if I did not understand or was not at a place to use everything it made me excited about agility and aware of the possabilities, so I was very happy I subscribed when I did, and if the old issues end up not interesting then they can be sold on ebay, LOL. She could also try it out and get a digital subscription, print out what she really wants to save in a notebook, I think a digital subscription is only $20 so not much more then dropping in on one agility class , actually the only place I can drop in now on it is $25 for ONE class-so cheaper then that, LOL.