Monday, December 7, 2009

moody monday

We had a nice, laid back agility class on Saturday.

After I walked the first course, I got Oreo out of the car and held him on my lap. He was SO interested in watching the other dogs run. At one point, he jumped off my lap, so he could walk up to the fence to get a closer view.

Oreo did really well on his runs, although he skipped the green tunnel a couple times.

What is it with the green tunnel? Either he loves it or he hates it!

He sped thru 12 weave poles. He jumped super fast toward the people and dogs with no problem.

On the teeter, he was kind of slow, as he peered around the room.

For our last run, we were allowed to make up our own course. There were circles set up to help your dog run fast.

I decided to make this my "treat run". I ran my butt off, and randomly fed Oreo bits of hamburger after obstacles...especially the green tunnel, contacts and weaves.

After I caught my breath, I ran my teacher's super duper fast border collie. Boy he's fun!

I really got a work out.

I was happy with this class, because Oreo was not showing stress at all.

Our next league match is on Saturday, and it will be held at our school. Hopefully, it will be easier for Oreo to handle than our last match.

There will be a lot more people than at our classes, but at least we will be on home turf. Fingers crossed it's not a windy day. Don't want to deal with scary building noises, on top of the extra humans involved.


Sam said...

Good luck with the match. I'll be here to read all about it next weekend. My school is set to have some matches in the spring (they're making the room bigger), and given my decision to not trial indoors this winter, I think it could be very good for us.

Diana said...

Yea Oreo! Diana

Dawn said...

You GO Oreo! And are you sleeping on the back of the SOFA in that picture? My Bonnie used to love to do that..she was just like a cat. People always did a double take when they saw this big ole dog asleep balanced on the back of the sofa! :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Congratulations on such a great class!

Sara said...

All my shelties have slept on the back of the sofa. My first sheltie, Munchkin, started the tradition, and it has been passed down to the others. They can nap and look out the window from there!

madcobug said...

Good luck on Saturday. My Patches sleeps on the back of the sofa at times. Helen

Lian said...

Sounds like you are enjoying yourself. Good Luck Saturday!

Ludo van Doggy said...

Good luck with the match!
Wow, all that snow you got, bet the dogs loved it.

Kathy said...

Sounds like a great class and how great League will be on home turf, I will keep my fingers crossed for a nonwindy day.

Lara Harris said...

What beautiful pups! :)