Thursday, December 3, 2009

jumping exercises

Last night's class was all about jumping exercises! My favorite. Oreo's favorite. We had fun.

You can look at the course maps here.

We started with exercise 1. My teacher told me to go first, because I'm so good and others could watch! Ha! Nothing like putting the pressure on!

Well, Oreo didn't let me down. We did the sequence a couple times to get it perfect, and Oreo was speedy and happy. Did I say I love jumpers courses?

Everyone else tried it. Then, we all did it again on our next turn. Oreo did awesome.

Then, we did exercise 3, which added a tunnel. We ran into some difficulties with the course. I couldn't get the 270 from 10 to 11 (we haven't practiced our "out" in a long time!). So, I switched my handling from 5-6 and got inside the circle. But, then he went in between the 7 & 8 jumps, although he got the 270. We tried it again, but then Oreo shut down. He started showing me some stress signals.

Uh oh. Did I take the fun away? Not sure what happened. My teacher thought it might be because her husband came in the building, but I thought it had more to do with trying to get that sequence right too many times. Maybe I wasn't rewarding enough?

Regardless, I called it a night for him. Next time, I'll know better. More rewards when we're working on something tricky. Duh.

We did get to try out a brand new set of 24 inch spaced weave poles. Oreo didn't seem to notice a difference at all. In fact, I thought his weaving looked a bit smoother.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

We love jumpers courses too - no contacts to slow us down and stress us out - just jumps and the occasional tunnel or weaves. We might end up being "jumpers" specialists (you and Oreo could join us) and we could have a new AKC title - MACH JWW!

Sounds like Oreo did great - don't worry about him losing his enthusiasm for the game after awhile - like you said, it's always a dilemna about how far to push, etc. and we just learn as we go along.

Diana said...

Sometimes its just hard to know whats going to effect the dog. Maybe next time you could change the sequence just a little but still but in the part you are trying to master. That way the dog doesnt think you are drilling it or that they made a mistake. Plus its hard at class because you are trying to learn too. Diana

LauraK said...

I love jumpers courses too! Some people think they're boring, but I enjoy them because it's fast and Riley loves them :) Sounds like you had a fun class!

Kathy said...

Those look like some great courses to practice with, I am going to try some. WHOOO HOOO Oreo leading off the exercises and showing everyone how it was done. My Sheltie Chloe will just shut down if we have to do things over, she thinks she did bad and gets sad ;-(, she is a worrier so I have to make things a little different or just practice the one part I was trying and use a really high rate of reward, throw the food tube things like that.

Dawn said...

Jumps and tunnels, that's Katie's kind of workout! No scary dogwalk or A-frame or teeter! :)

Sara said...

Diana & Kathy,

Thanks for the tips about how I could keep it interesting & different for Oreo, even when working on the same sequence. I'll remember that for next time!

Sam said...

It stinks when we have to call it a night, especially when we see other teams out there tearing it up, but you and I both know it's the right call. In the long haul, it pays off.

Those are some tough sequences.