Saturday, December 12, 2009

home turf advantage!

Our second league match was a great success for us! Yea us!

I think being on home turf was a big advantage. New surroundings was one less hurdle for Oreo to have to overcome.

It was REALLY cold this morning. That meant everyone (about 50-60 people) was huddled inside the building, which isn't all that big. It was noisy & crowded. I left Oreo in the car, right up until the 12 inch dogs started.

I brought us into a corner, fed him treats, and then gave the 'ol drop & go, our new startline routine.

Here's our standard run. The only time I noticed Oreo hesitating was at one jump when he saw the "judge" (my teacher), and she was being so kind about keeping her distance! Oreo wasn't as fast as when we're in class, but he didn't seem nearly as stressed as our last league match.

I was thrilled with his run. I wish the video showed all the people and how close they were to those weave poles and final jump. He did an amazing job. I think you can hear the noise level.

This is the course map for the games run. It is jumps & tunnels. When I saw it on paper, I thought it would be impossible to remember, but after I walked it 5-6 times, I felt confident I knew where I was going. Hey, is someone else finally gaining confidence too?

The judge, scribe and timer were sitting right behind the 15/17 tunnel. I thought that might be a problem for Oreo, but he didn't seem to notice much.

Oreo did great. He even had an off course! I love when that happens! Shows his independence. I couldn't believe when I watched the video that Oreo didn't even glance toward the people. I thought that was huge.

I had watched all the 8 inch dogs run, and lots of people were forgetting to do jump 16 & tunnel I made sure we did it. You'll see.....

After the league match, we had the holiday party. Another game was set up. Two side by side courses. Two dogs would run at the same time, right next to each other, with a short fence between them.

No way, I thought. Oreo will freak.

Then I hear, "We need another 12 inch dog!!!! Oreo!" Oreo's name gets written on the board.

Guess we're playing.

Ya know what? Oreo ran like the wind! I don't think he even noticed the other dog/human team next to us. I was so proud of him.

What a day for my little guy.

Next weekend, we'll be in new territory. We'll see what happens.

If Oreo can do this well on home turf inside, imagine how he will perform outside next summer if his confidence keeps building.

We longingly dreamed of spring on our pee break, as we looked out on the abandoned agility field.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Awesome job Sara and Oreo!!!! Oreo did great - he didn't look worried at all and was fast! The games run course map made my head spin! Oreo liked that course though and wasn't his off-course tunnel a green tunnel? Maybe it looks green in the video but he flew into that tunnel - so confident! Congratulations on such a good day!

Dawn said...

Way to go you two! Looks like a blast! And yes it was really noisy, so a good test. Oreo had FUN! Misty looks like she wanted to run too! :)

Sara said...

It was a green tunnel. The green tunnel in the back corner is the one we usually have trouble with. My teacher mentioned switching it for another one when I was walking the course. I laughed.

Sara said...

Misty made an appearance inside for a bit at the post league party. No running, but she did some obligatory butt sniffing.

betty said...

That was awesome! It amazes me that you keep the course. Oreo ran as if he had mapped out the course. What a great day.

madcobug said...

He looked so cute. He really takes his commands great from you. He was running like the wind today . A big hand to him. That is great the he has become adjusted to all that noise. Helen

Diana said...

WhooHoo Oreo!! And I quite impressed at how fast You, yourself , can run! Diana

LauraK said...

Wow! Those runs looked great :) Glad to see that he's gaining confidence, that's always exciting! Sounds like you all had a fun time!

Kathy said...

WHOOOT!!!! AWESOME JOB, and I could see how close those people were and Oreo really looks like he felt pretty good, that was a lot of new distractions and things close to the course, and a lot of noise, what a good boy to handle all of that, and that does look like a challenge to remember-so congrats on doing so well remembering it all, EXCELLENT job. Sounds like a really terrific day

Lian said...

Well done Oreo! Glad to see him keeps moving in the runs. Good job Sara!