Saturday, December 5, 2009

fotoshoot friday

I had half a day of work on Friday. It allowed me to grab a few minutes of daylight for shooting photos. I think by next Friday, I'll be in the dark! The days are so short!

I made the dogs pose for some "pre-snow" winter photos. Although with the weather we've been having, I wonder if we'll get any snow this year. I know it's not officially winter, but usually it feels like it by now! But I'm not complaining!

Oreo's expression when I'm throwing his ball, while taking photos.

Oreo's expression when I make him pose in front of the holly bush, instead of throwing his ball.

Sweet Misty, who is fine with whatever we do (and even she is getting more comfortable in front of the camera).


madcobug said...

That is the cutest picture of the two of them. That Oreo always turns that head sideways in his pictures with Misty. LOL. She is such a sweet natured girl. Helen

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Great photos - my favorite is the header photo!

Diana said...

They turned out cute. The header looks wonderful. Diana

Ana-Maria said...

beautiful photography!

LauraK said...

cute pictures :) I love the header photo with Misty's paw hanging down!

Sam said...

Gorgeous pics. The first one came out really nice -- greeting card-esque.