Thursday, December 24, 2009

Best Sale

My "life with Jeff" series typically has me poking fun at my husband. He's amusing. He does crazy things. Life is never dull.

He's also a really good guy.

Last Christmas, we bought a few gifts for families in need that my school had adopted. Jeff really enjoyed picking out an RC car for a young boy.

I think the experience inspired Jeff. This year, with the help of a co-worker, Jeff adopted an entire family at his place of business.

The family wasn't asking for anything fancy. Basic necessities, like towels, sheets, blankets and clothes. The two young girls wanted some books, board games & coloring books.

Jeff and I had fun going to Target, filling our cart with pink comforters, cheerful yellow towels, and some classic board games.

When I was tempted to throw something slightly more expensive or luxurious in the cart, Jeff would remind me, "We need to keep it simple, we could use that money to buy them something else they need."

The mother put nothing on the list for herself. Jeff decided to collect money from his coworkers to purchase a gift card to a local grocery store.

At first, Jeff felt his co-workers weren't "stepping up to the plate". Thus, encouraging Jeff to treat this venture as if it were another sale to be made. He went around collecting money and asking people to buy gifts for the two young girls, using his best "pitch". Jeff knew that not everyone could afford to spend as much as we had, but he felt if his co-workers could buy a pack of cigarettes, a fancy cup of coffee, or a fast food meal for lunch, they could donate a few dollars. He's not afraid to point this out to them either.

Believe me, Jeff can be convincing. He's a gifted salesman.

A few days ago, Jeff came home from work, and I asked how his day was.

"Good. Busy, " he said.

"Really?" I was surprised, things are usually slow this time of year.

"Yes, I was wrapping presents all day. Everyone at work really pulled through. This family is going to have the best Christmas. I wish I could be there to see it."

Perhaps, this was Jeff's best sale ever.

"For it is in giving that we receive." ~ Francis of Assisi

Now....on a lighter note, click on this link to see my dogs dancing in elf costumes. Yes really. You will not believe Misty! Beware are going to be tempted to "elf" your own family members.


madcobug said...

What a good thing for Jeff to do.
Merry Christmas to you both along with Misty and Oreo. God bless all of you. Now I am off to see the kids as elves. Helen

madcobug said...

PS the elves were so cute. Helen

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I always knew that Jeff was a really good guy because you wouldn't be married to someone who wasn't! It's a great thing he did for that family this Christmas!

Cute elves! You did such a good job of cutting out Misty and Oreo's heads. Mom has elfed people in previous years but her's never looked as good as your's!

Jules said...

Hooray, Jeff!

Dawn said...

Good job Jeff! It's wonderful what he and his coworkers (and you!) did for the family. I've always noticed that most families listing their holiday wishes don't ask for anything elaborate. They ask for simple things that most of us take for granted..sheets, towels... sometimes things like laundry detergent or socks. Seems like there should be a way to team up with families for the entire year.

The dogs were so cute I didn't even realize the video had begun, I thought it was an advertisement! So I had to watch it again! SMILE!

Joan said...

Happy Christmas Eve Sara and Jeff. Both of you are truly "gifted" people who bring joy to people everyday. The video of Oreo and Misty working hard at being elfs is just too too funny. I had to send it on to my friends. It made me SMILE and you know I need to SMILE. ..Mom

Diana said...

We hope you both have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the gift of giving ( which you both do so well). Love the elf video, Lol.
Youve both some family just so happy. Diana

Sam said...

What a beautiful story. I bet that family will be thankful for you guys forever for your hard work for them. That's the true spirit of the holidays.

Merry Christmas!

Kathy said...

WHOOOO HOOOOO Jeff, he sure sounds like a VERY sweet guy, and what a special Christmas this will be for the family, just knowing people care when they are going through a hard time has to really be a terrific feeling. Hope you, Jeff and the puppies have a truly AWESOME Christmas. PS the puppies make VERY cute elves, LOL.

Lian said...

Great job, Jeff!

Love the elf video, so cute!

Merry Christmas to you all.

Dawn said...

Sara, forgot to mention that I'm thinking of your nephews this first Christmas without their Dad. Hugs to them from us, OK?

new hip dad said...

love you both.

betty said...

The Elves put on a grand show. They are so proud of you and Jeff, they dance for joy. We are proud of you, too. As Christmas Angels you shine. You have made one mother sigh with appreciation. Her tears are joyous and so are mine.

Ludo van Doggy said...

What a fantastic Crisp mas story!
Sorry I missed Oreo's 3rd birthday. What it like to be three Oreo? That really grown up!
Merry Crisp mas to you all.
~lickies, Ludo

Nicki said...

What a great christmas story. I elfed us and the dogs as well. IT was too funny!