Thursday, November 5, 2009

what a difference

Went to agility class last the dark! That clock change brings us light for a morning walk, but makes the drive to class pitch black. I guess there is no making me happy.

What a difference the weather can make! No rain/wind this week. The building wasn't rattling. Oreo was relaxed, happy, and dare I say.....confident.

Oreo had one weak moment when a dog barked and a loud truck drove by at the same time, and he went running away from me. However, I called him to the tunnel (the obstacle he was on), he went in and I rewarded him. Then, we were good for the rest of the evening.

We practiced some teetering in a sequence, and I did some isolated teetering as well. He did pretty good. A few times, I caught him stopping to glance around, but only for a second. I kept my movement going, so I think that encouraged him to go too.

What I found most thrilling last night was Oreo taking obstacles on his own! Without me directing him to go to them.

Now many people would be upset, and correct their dogs for taking off course obstacles, but silly me was thrilled! I was saying, "OK, you can do an extra obstacle!"

Oreo was showing signs of independence. He was working away from me. Showing love of the obstacles themselves. He was playing. Aren't those signs of confidence?

When I had walked into the building, my teacher had asked, "Is there anything in particular you want to work on tonight?"

I said, "No, I just want Oreo to be happy."

Goal accomplished.


Diana said...

Good for you!!! Happy dog, Happy owner.

Its funny, the first day I went to work after the time change I kept feeling I was late and had to keep checking the clock. I have to be at school by 7am and its always been dark. So when it was light out, it felt like I was late. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

WooHoo! So glad to hear Oreo had a good class last night! Mom doesn't mind when I take extra obstacles either so we know exactly how you felt! And we had a better class last night too than the sniffing week before!

The extra light in the morning is great but we don't like going to and from class in the dark!

LauraK said...

Sounds like you had a great class- go Oreo! It's always fun to see your dog have the confidence to do stuff on their own :)

I was noticing the time change when I drove out to class last night too- I was hoping I wasn't going to miss the turn since it was so dark!

Jules said...


Kathy said...


Yippie sounds like a great class!

I am with you! My little sheltie Chloe is a worried girl and when we first trialed in CPE, she NEVER made any mistakes, she stayed right by me, she never had off courses or mistakes, but she never made time either and she was just not looking as happy (I feel like we were the only people ever in CPE not to make time, LOL, we were REALLY SLOW). Now she will have off courses sometimes-she is usually pretty consistent, but she ALWAYS makes time and has plenty of time to spare even USDAA that allows way less time then CPE and mostly she looks so much happier. I LOVE that she makes mistakes now-without those I do not think she would be making time or having fun.

Dawn said...

You GO Oreo! So glad you're getting more confident! You always look so confident in the videos from your back yard that I find it hard to believe you're not the same in class. But then I remember that Katie is totally a different dog in school. I think fun is the most important part of agility, or any thing we do with the dogs. So congratulations on a goal met!