Sunday, November 22, 2009

two dance cards

Saturday morning, Oreo was in rare from. Lots of pep, and a bit zany.

Not sure why. Wasn't sure what to expect when we got to agility class. I figured he was either going to put that energy to good use, or he was going to shut down completely.

Class was held indoors. The weather was OK, but the sheep had snuck into the agility ring. My teacher was afraid the sheep poop would prove to be an unfair distraction to our dogs.

All I had to hear was the word "poop", and I was fine with being in the building! Didn't want to risk stepping in any.

She had set up a CPE wildcard course that had been used at a recent trial. Wildcard is one of our favorite CPE games. Short, sweet, and you get to choose which obstacle you want to take three times.

Our first run, Oreo did fantastic. Since there were a lot of people/dogs there this week, I did a literal, drop/go/run from the startline. I didn't want to give him anytime to stress on the startline. The course began with us heading away from the people, so Oreo had no troubles at all, even when the course turned and went toward the crowd, he kept his speed up. I was thrilled. Oreo was as fast as he is in our backyard.

We danced that run! People even told me that I looked like a ballerina running. It felt so nice and smooth. Heaven.

We did the same course a second time, but were supposed to choose different "cards", or obstacles. I wanted Oreo to take the dogwalk instead of a tunnel at a discrimination, but he kept taking the original tunnel. We really need to work on those. However, with wildcard, as long as you adjust the rest of your "hand" you can still Q, and we were able to do so.

Another dance card completed. It felt so good to have my speedy, responsive Oreo as my partner.

On our third run, we ran the course backward, minus the wildcards. This had us starting at a tunnel facing the people. There was a person with a large dog sitting about three feet behind the tunnel. Oreo was immediately out of sorts. Wouldn't tunnel, and was scooting around obstacles. I rewarded him for any obstacle he took.

My teacher asked the person to move. Then, Oreo did the course beautifully. I still rewarded heavily for the places where he had trouble before.

Oh, if only we could do agility in a bubble. We'd be superstars. However, I do see Oreo making progress with his shyness. Like my teacher says, every dog that does agility has his own issues to deal with. This just happens to be Oreo's.

I didn't get any video of our runs, but I couldn't resist videoing my dogs in their playpen. They are so silly.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Cute video!

Hey, congratulations on Oreo doing agility as fast as in his own backyard! That is a MAJOR accomplishment and one that we are so hoping for one day!

madcobug said...

Congratulations to you both for Oreo's good work. People shouldn't stand close to the courses with large dogs to distract other dogs. They looked cute in their pen. Oreo was up to his old trick running his circles but Misty kind of put a stop to that LOL. Cute video. Helen

Dawn said...

So cute! I never noticed the two white spots on Oreo's hips before. Saw them when he was circling, cute!

Good job on the agility things. Shyness is SO hard to get over, trust me I know. Katie is still shy after almost 3 years of going to school and parks and stores..

Did Misty get her treat for being extra cute? Does she do a bit of agility at school or is she there to cheer Oreo on?

Jules said...

Woo-hoo - sounds liek you two had an awesome class.

Sam said...

Yeah, it would be nice if my dog could do agility all by herself, too. She usually isn't bothered at class, though, and I hope to keep it that way. I am a little nervous about moving indoors in a couple of weeks, though...

I too am looking forward to Wildcard. It looks like a lot of fun. I don't like the pressure of having to design the entire path, like you would in Snooker, but two or three obstacles is okay.

Diana said...

Congrats on a good class. Your teacher is right, every aglity dog has their problems. It doesnt matter how fast Miley is if she cant get on and stay on the table. It started in Sept. and we havent been able to fix it yet. Lol

I cant beleive your dogs will stay in that thing. Miley would just jump out the top. Diana

Sara said...

Dawn, Misty had tons of treats while in that pen! Sometimes I take her out to do a few obstacles. It depends on how many people are there, and how tired I get running Oreo. If I left her at home, she would cry unconsolably.

Diana, Both dogs are starting to pop their head up out of it lately. I'll have to put the top on the playpen if that behavior keeps up!

Kathy said...

I always think that they should have backyard agility trials, LOL, Lizzie would be a real superstar and my sheltie Skyler would really love that, hahahahaah. It sounds like Oreo did TERRIFIC. Your pups are sooo cute in the playpen. What are those playpens called, I have a friend today that said she was looking for one and could not remember what they were called to do a search for one.

Sara said...

Mine is actually called a play pen, and it is by precision pet products. The wire ones are usually called exercise pens. I got mine at, but I think they sell it at petco.

I like this one for agility, because it weighs next to nothing and folds to less than an inch. After one trial of lugging my heavy wire one, I knew I had to find something lighter.