Wednesday, November 4, 2009

teeter work

After reading the Clean Run article about teaching your dog to teeter, I wanted to go back and retrain Oreo's teeter.

Oreo has always loved his teeter. Almost to the point of obsessiveness. He would go in the yard, and teeter all on his own.

I think he picked up some bad habits, because I never put a stop to it. I didn't know better at the time. I really am new to all this dog training stuff.

At trials, the teeter is often a place where Oreo stops and looks around, especially right before it pivots down. Not good for a dog who stresses.

What does he do in the yard? Walks as high as he can on the teeter before it tips, stops and peruses the yard, neighbors' yard, woods, searching for movement.

After reading that article it all clicked in my brain. I've created this "stopping" problem. However, do I need to go back to square one? There seemed to be an enormous amount of steps in the process.

Yea, let's just go on to the next article about "speed". Another issue.

One part of that article which stood out was something about rewarding speed with speed.

Hmmmm. That gave me an idea.

Today, I got our teeter out, and began throwing Oreo's ball and later his treat tube after he tipped the teeter. The ball seemed to be quite effective. What else is new?

Here is a video of what we did today.

I have also pushed the teeter to the side, to discourage any random teetering on his own.

You'll see we have some table issues. I don't work on table much, since there is no table in DOCNA (love them for that), and CPE just requires a touch and go on the table. However, I think we may have to do some "real table" stuff in our agility league, and that could be quite embarrassing if we don't practice a bit!


Kathy said...

I love when the clean run comes, it always gives me a lot of ideas and reminds me of things we need to work on. I LOVE your using the ball to encourage speed, it looks great, are you going to add any sort of stop at the end of the teeter? I worry about my dogs getting too eager and starting to bail off before the teeter hits the ground and getting called for fly offs or flying off and getting hurt, so I use the ball but they have to run to the end of the teeter and then hold it until I say break-I keep them with all four feet on and then I release them to the rolling ball. They love the game and it has helped a lot with speed. One thing that has really helped my guys race to the top of the teeter is to use a treat tray on the ground in front of the teeter, or I took some duct tape and made like a little ledge of duct tape at the end of the board, just lower then the surface so the dogs see it and can eat when they race to the end-I got the idea from the teeter video and I could post a picture of what it looks like, but it is a very cool way to give the treat and get them racing to it-I put some sort of baby food, or liverworst, something sticky that stays, so they race to the end of the teeter, when it goes down they pause and wait , they know the game they have to wait for the release....and they the release comes and we RUN to the ball, it is all very fun, just like the fun your dogs were having. Good work!.

Lian said...

Oreo's teeter work looks great! He just loving it. How high is your teeter, it look fairly low compare to ours here!

Diana said...

I think the ball looked great. I think it worked better than the treat tube. With the ball he went all the way to the end of the teeter. With the treat tube he sorta stopped before he got to the end and the went on. I dont make my dogs stop and wait to be released. I train to go to the end, ride it down and then the go. Has she ever had a fly off, yes. But Im not changing it yet.

I have to put big orange cones, from Home Depot, on the equipment to keep Miley off the equipment in the backyard. And I had to put the table up. I think that creaated the jumping on and off the table. She would run thur the yard chasing Guines and jump on and off the table on her rounds. Diana

Sara said...

Unfortunately, my teeter is not full size.

I'm not teaching Oreo to stop at the bottom, due to his stress issues. Stopping=looking for scary things LOL! He's never come close to a fly off at class or trial. At home, I am just trying to train him to get in the habit of keeping his movment up, so hopefully that will translate to different enviornments. Love your duct tape idea! That's very creative! Treat trays are a good idea for Oreo too...he knows what they're all about.

After watching the vidoe a few times, I agree the ball worked better than the treat tube. Which is usually the case with Oreo :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

We read the teeter article in CR too and thought it would be great to retrain the teeter and then like you, thought there were too many steps and went on to the speed article! Great minds think alike :)

Oreo is looking good on his teeter - fast and excited to get to the ball. We are still practicing almost exclusively for speed in the backyard and saving most of the tricky stuff for classes. Just hoping the speed thing will eventually carry over to outside the comfy backyard!

Kathy said...

I have some Kamakazee dogs so stopping at the end does end up keeping someone from getting killed, LOL, but luckily not all dogs have that issue, LOL-so guess I forget that! I think that ball is really giving some good speed and making the whole thing a game. If you ever get a chance to watch the Wendy Pape Teeter video I liked that a lot-it had some great ideas I would not have thought of.

Sara said...

I think, at home, I may only do agility with the ball as his reward for now.

I decided that I am just working on confidence building/speed for the next 6 months for both class & home, and even our agility league.