Friday, November 27, 2009

not perfect

I went to my agility class the night before Thanksgiving. My teacher had set up a course with a tricky obstacle discrimination. She had looped a tunnel around the edge of the dogwalk. Basically, the dogwalk was between the two open ends of the tunnel. Kind of like this, except it was a dogwalk, not an A-Frame.On our first run, the dog had to tunnel, then immediately go up the dog walk.

Oreo went in the tunnel fine, but I had a bit of trouble getting him up the dogwalk. He kept wanting to go back in the tunnel. I had to step way back to get him away from the obstacles, then he did it.

The next sequence, she wanted the dog to take the dogwalk, rather than the tunnel.

Oreo just kept tunneling.

I tried stopping, then sending.

I held my arm up in the air.

I told him way ahead of time to "walk it".

We put an empty target on the dogwalk ramp, and that worked!

Took the target away, and he tunneled.

Finally, I switched arms, and he did walk it.

I'm not convinced it was my arm. I think it was more a lucky guess on his part.

My teacher said, "Well, it's nice that Oreo finally has something he needs to work on. He's always so perfect."

Since we don't have a dogwalk at home, we never really practice hand signals for the dogwalk, or even voice commands. So, this week, I put my tunnel next to my teeter, which is resting on my table. We will work on obstacle discriminations that way, and see if it helps when we get to class.

Another classmate asked about the game snooker. Looks like on Saturday, we will be focusing on Snooker.

Yikes. Snooker is so confusing. I've never entered us in a snooker run, because I find the rules so overwhelming. I think I'm going to have to study today. Just look at the stuff you need to know.

Oh yea, Oreo had very few stress issues in class! It was pouring rain, and that noise didn't bother him. While he was on top of the A-Frame, someone came in the door with their dog, and Oreo didn't stop, or even glance their way! I was amazed. The only time he got a little out of sorts was when he was coming down the A-Frame, and noticed a scrunched up tunnel being stored in an upright position next to the A-Frame. He thinks they are scary monsters. This is the third time that this has happened. That threw him off for a couple obstacles.

While my teacher was setting up for our next course, I brought him over to the monster, planning to click/treat him for looking at the tunnel. Well, he showed absolutely no fear of the tunnel. So, I wasn't able to get much therapy done. Oh well.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

I don't think we have ever done the DW with the tunnel being an option on both sides of the ramp! That will be a good one to try.

Hurray for Oreo not having stress issues in class!!!!!

Sam said...

That fact that he wasn't stressed makes everything a whole lot better, right? I know the feeling.

I need to do lots of work on obstacle discrimination, too.. it's definitely one of our not-so-strong suits. Unfortunately, the contact equipment usually isn't available to me when I have my private practices, so I'll need to wait until I can do a lesson with my instructor.

Kathy said...

Obstacle discrimination is what we have been working on too, and those tunnels can be so enticing, or sometimes if we have been working a contact that is enticing, some days you just never know with my pups, ;-). Glad Oreo was not stressed much during class, but I am with him, scrunched up tunnels could definately hide monsters. Good luck on the snookers, it is not my favorite because my courses tend to be choppier no matter how hard I try to make something somewhat smooth and flowing and my dogs hate that, so maybe if I played it more then I would do better at that???.

Diana said...

I dont get snooker either. Its very confusing. Diana