Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day

Happy Veteran's Day to all who have served and are currently serving. I always feel bad that I have the day off, and Jeff, the true veteran, has to go to work.

(Jeff doesn't smoke anymore. So funny to see him with a cigarette in his mouth. Does the US Army really allow 12 year olds to join? LOL.)

I heard this week from one of my former students who graduated in June. He finished his basic and AIT training, and is about to be deployed to Afghanistan. He seems like such a baby to me, but I guess he is the same age as Jeff in this photo.

Wonder if he'll be writing his girlfriend letters, or just sending texts and emails? Won't be the same....they won't be covered in sand.


I set up the course Lian had posted the other day. At least to the best of my ability.

Oreo had some trouble with it, especially the jumps out of the tunnel. I wasn't sure how to best handle them. Therefore, I kept making the same mistake over and over. At least I was consistent.

So, I got out my other dog, ya know, Misty, and tried it with her. Poor thing, got treated like a guinea pig.

I had time to think while running Misty and tried something new! Misty did the whole thing with no problem. I didn't even have a treat to reward her! Of course, she moves much slower.


I finally got Oreo to do it successfully once, then we stopped to play ball, and Oreo spent some time rummaging in the dog garden.

I was going to set up the "shorties" sequence that Diana and other people have been doing, but I feel like we've been doing a lot of agility lately. I don't want to overdo it. Trying to keep it a game.

Early in the morning, the dogs were chasing each other, and it was really fun to see Misty charging through the tunnel to try and cut off Oreo. I remember a day when she was terrified of the tunnel. Now it's playground equipment.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Jeff does look like a baby in the photo but sadly they send babies into battle all the time.

I find that lots of sequences are hard to set up in the backyard because I have to put everything too close together and then it makes it even more difficult to do them. You're not horrible at all! It was interesting to see how naturally you moved to the landing side of the jump after the tunnel with Misty and then even when you knew you wanted to move there with Oreo, you still had to force yourself to get into position. At the end you and Oreo did great! I think agility is fascinating and I can't imagine ever getting bored with it!

Dawn said...

Good job Misty, showing Mom and Oreo how to do it!

Glad Jeff is home and safe. Hope your student is safe over there as well!

new hip dad said...

when you tell an 18 year old to take that hill, he responds yes sir. when you tell an older person to take that hill, he responds with, let's talk about this. that's the reason the army drafted 18 year olds.

Diana said...

We dont get Veterns day off. Lucky you

Ok , I couldnt watch the whole video ( internet problems) but I think your problem is, you are going all the way to the tunnel with your dog and being at the tunnel exit too. You dont need to do that. Your dog knows how to find a tunnel entrance. If you dont go all the way to the entrances and exits, then you could be in position to cue your dog for the correct jump. Its so hard to see ourselves, when we are running, what the problem is. I can see other peoples problems but cant see my own. Oreo had nice speed. Take advantage of it and send him to the tunnel. Diana

Sara said...

Good point Diana. Thanks.

Sorry you have to work today.

Dawn said...

Sara, of course you can share Katie's picture with the tomato garden Dad! I read his blog on occasion (through yours) and he seems like a very sweet person. Hope it makes him smile!

madcobug said...

Jeff does look very young. It's a shame he has to work today but good that you got the day off.
Misty was cute doing it right the first time. Oreo is so fast he probably can't tell where he is going LOL. Good for him getting it right in the end. Prayers for your former student for his safety. Helen

Marybeth said...

Great picture of Jeff. You were BOTH such babies when he went off to war, and you were so sad and worried. Mom and Dad got the long, long resisted cable service so you could be glued to the news. It makes me a little crazy that W had to stir the pot with Iraq, and now... quagmire.

LauraK said...

cute video, I sometimes feel "horrible" too with my handling- but we'll all get better with time. (although I really think you're FAR from horrible :) I love your backyard, it's so pretty with all the trees!

Sam said...

Happy Veteran's Day to you, too. Looking forward to reading your blog and seeing your agility experiences. I'm just beginning to trial now, and I'm looking at some CPE, so the maps you posted in old entries are really helpful for me to look at!

Kathy said...

Oreo looks so happy and sure of himself ;-), is he watching your feet or your arm? I know my little sheltie watches my feet and could care less what I do with my arms, and I sometimes forget that when I run her because the border collies watch my hand and arm and shoulders more. If he is watching your feet it might just be that you needed to point your feet more in the direction of the jump for a second, which like Diana said is what would happen if you sent him to the tunnel a second sooner, but gosh he watches you like a hawk and is really reading your direction and movement really well-that is terrific-I wish my sheltie Chloe would watch my movement as well-I was really terrible when I trained her so she tends to blow me off sometimes and figures I am making a mistake so she should do what she thinks is right, LOL. You guys look great together.

Lian said...

Happy Veteran Day!

I agreed with Diana re the jumping sequence. With Toni's way, I have to go all the way into the tunnel with the dog to push for speed but of course at the same time, I have to move on when he is in the tunnel, this is why I can only do a rear across at jump #7 to send my dogs because I wasn't fast enough to do the front cross. If you watch Saturn's video, that is the right way of doinng the course eventhough he went underneath the jump. Misty look great! She really is enjoying herself!

Sara said...

I think Oreo watches my whole body. We play together so much, he really knows how I move. I do forget to pay attention to where my feet are, luckily Oreo is usually able to compensate for my poor handling skills since he is so in tune to me.

Welcome to trialworld. CPE is so much fun. I wonde what game you'll like best? Wildcard is our favorite!