Sunday, November 8, 2009

fun in the sun

Went to another agility class on Saturday. We were lucky enough to be able to play outside! I haven't been on an outdoor course since the end of September. It was really great.

We broke the course into two parts, and then put it all together at the end.

Oreo did super. I had some trouble with the obstacle discrimination. He was supposed to take the dogwalk, but my body language kept sending him to the tunnel.

On our first run Oreo was super confident. He ran past a bunch of people, and did the teeter without even a glance toward them.

With each subsequent run, his sideways glances seemed to increase. Not sure what the difference was. Maybe he was getting tired. Maybe the people were moving more. Maybe he was reaching his stress limit. Overall though, he seemed pretty happy. He was barking in his pen, and even tried to jump out at one point.

Once we had to wait on the start line, while my teacher was giving some "homework" tips to another classmate. I had Oreo do some dance tricks, and I was surprised at how receptive he was to performing in such close proximity to other people.

Here is a video of our final run. We had one flub at the jump before the obstacle discrimination. Not sure what happened there. Perhaps the area was stressful, because we had revisited that jump several times in an attempt to handle the discrimination correctly. In our previous run, I just kept going after he went in the tunnel instead of doing the dogwalk, but after our run, we worked the jump/dogwalk in isolation. Maybe I should have just waited until our next turn, and tried again.

Also, Oreo did have quite a long stop on the teeter. His longest of the day. If I had been on the opposite side of the teeter, that may have been avoided.

Other than that though, we got our discrimination, and I was happy with our run. I'm always happy with Oreo.

It was such a fun class, and great to spend the day outside in the sunshine, avoiding cleaning the house and yardwork!

Hoping to hear soon that I got into the agility league....if so, our first match is next Saturday.


Diana said...

Great run! We trying to get league started here, it sounds like fun. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Hey, great run, Sara and Oreo! Oreo was really moving out there and did great contacts (even the teeter because he ran to the tipping point fast), awesome serpentine, good weaves! What a beautiful day to have class outside!

What was up with that car leaving when you started the course? That would've really messed me up but Oreo didn't seem to notice (good boy)!

Lian said...

Oreo did really well other than stop on the see-saw to look around for a little.

Jules said...

Very nice run. He worked with you the entire time - even when he saw creepy people! I notice that he slows down in/coming out of tunnels. I attended a seminar a few years ago with Ike and the seminar presenter commented on Ike doing that. He asked me to wait at the end of the tunnel. Pretend you are touching the tunnel and as soon as you see your dog's muzzle start moving again. This really helped Ike. He seemed to charge out of tunnels once I began to incorporate this. I thought I would share as there seems to be some similarities in the two dogs' personalities. With Ike, I think he is a bit stressed because he can't see me in the tunnel.

Sara said...

That's an interesting idea Jules. I always go wait at the next obstacle after the tunnel, in an attempt to get Oreo to run toward me to gain some speed (something some had suggested).

You are right, tunnels are not his thing, probably because he can't see me. I'll try your Ike & Oreo seem to be kindred spirits.


new hip dad said...

looked to me like he picked up speed towards the end.

Sara said...

he knew the treats were coming

LauraK said...

I love watching you two run courses :) What a beautiful setting you have there, looks like a gorgeous day! Good luck with the agility league!

madcobug said...

Awww, Oreo looks so cute doing his thing. I think he did really well. I only saw him stop once to look around a bit. Helen

Dawn said...

Such a great day and a great run! Oreo looks like he is having fun...I hope he is!

Kathy said...

Wow, that looked great, and what a gorgeous place and a gorgeous day to be playing agility! The league sounds like a lot of fun.