Thursday, November 12, 2009

agility league

I got into the agility league, and am very excited for our first match on Saturday.

They provide the course maps ahead of time! How cool is that?

It is especially helpful for the "games" run, which is not a typical game you see in a trial. Now, I can study the rules/map for a few days.

In our standard course there is no table (yea!), but there is a chute. We've never had to do a chute in a trial setting, since all our trials have been outdoors. I think judges tend to leave them out, since it could be a windy day, and chutes can be disastrous in windy conditions.

I pulled our chute out to practice for a few days, since we hardly ever do! Oreo loves the chute. At least at home. I'm hoping he loves it Saturday. Don't think he'll have as much fun as he did in this video. No wonder why my neighbors don't talk to me. They must think I'm nuts! But hey, you only grow old when you stop playing. I'm sure my neighbor's dog wishes he could come hang out with me for a day.

What I didn't realize about joining a league was how many emails would start piling up in my inbox! Oh my goodness!!!! I can't tell you how many emails I have gotten through the yahoo group. Wow. It is a lot to sort through.

I am looking forward to getting started, and seeing how Oreo does at his first new indoor environment.

Now the question is....Should I run like it's a trial or give him treats during our run?


Dawn said...

Good luck Saturday Sara and Oreo!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I'm sure all dogs wish they could hang out with you for a day! I know I do!

Good luck on Saturday - agility league sounds like so much fun! Mom says she would run it like a trial but that's just the way she is - so stingy with those treats!

Sam said...

I'm no expert but I vote treats only for really really good things. If he's got any trouble with specific obstacles, for instance, and nails them on the first try.

Good luck to you. I don't know what an Agility League is but any place you can practice is good in my eyes!

Jules said...

The deleted comments are me - I typed too quickly and they weren't coherent!

I would treat less than class but reserve the right to treat for things he does nicely that you REALLY want to see in a trial situation.

GOOD LUCK!! Have fun!

LauraK said...

I definitely treat Riley at run-thrus if need be. I think it's great to reinforce good things (like awesome contacts, or sometimes we have teeter problems- so I want to make the teeter a really positive experience) It's just my opinion, but I think it's best to treat them if you have the ability to- it never hurts :) Sometimes I treat her on the first run thru to make sure I'm getting the performance I want, then run it the second time like a trial. I wish we had an agility league- how fun!

You and Oreo look like you're having so much fun in that video, I love it! And thank you for the supportive words :)

madcobug said...

He did really great. Good luck to you both on Sat. Helen

Kathy said...

Wow, you are so lucky to have an agility league, that just sounds like so much fun and how neat you can study the course and rules ahead of time, that would be so good for training!!!! Hope you have a great time and get some video so we can see your runs!!!

Diana said...

You have a lot of energy!!! Do what ever it takes to keep Oreo happy. Bring the treats and the ball. Sometimes a surprise really keeps a dog going. Diana

Nicki said...

I think you should vary it to keep him guessing. That's what I would do. Then he transfer that to a real trial-there might be treats in the ring!

Ludo van Doggy said...

Good luck in the league!
I don't know much about how it all works over here, yet alone there so can't comment on much else. :)

Lian said...

Good Luck Oreo and Sara. What is the league? I think your league and our league is different.

I will go with Diana, do whatever that keeps Oreo happy. The most important key there is HAVE FUN!

Looking forward to hearing all about it.