Tuesday, October 20, 2009

my hip dad

My dad is getting a new hip tomorrow. A few months ago, I told him he should ask the doctors to put his old hip in a jar, a souvenir of sorts. He could bring it to his office at school. I bet the biology majors would think it was cool.

Just think about where that hip has been, and what it has done!

I can't even imagine how many revolutions it has done on a bicycle. Must be in the trillions. Dad has ridden 100 miles, in one day, many times. Century rides they call them. That hip has pedaled hundreds of miles to raise money for MS and the Leukemia Society. My Dad has also trained many other riders to do the same. I wonder how much money has been raised for Leukemia research as a result of all those revolutions?

How many miles has it walked? More than most people for sure. Always walk on a diagonal when you can though.

How about the time Dad snow shoed to the grocery store? Instead of removing the two tennis racket-like contraptions from his feet, Dad chose to clomp around the grocery store in them. I'm sure that was great for the hip, and my reputation in high school. Having a dad who donned lycra pants 10 months out of the year, without inhibition, wasn't enough humiliation.

How many laps has it kicked/run in a pool? In Lake George? Lake Michigan? OK, maybe Lake Michigan was just too darn cold to swim in.

Hiking in the woods, with your young daughter on your shoulders? Skipping the trail, choosing rocks to step on through the creek bed instead. Or walking the Erie Canal, singing loudly, "Low bridge, everybody down..." Hiking Tongue Mountain, shouting, "We're not deer! Don't shoot us!"

Cross country skiing at Lapland Lakes. Dad would ski ahead, wait, and when we'd finally catch up say, "OK, ready?" We'd never get to rest!

From playing half ball and basketball on the streets of Philadelphia, that hip has traveled to Delaware, New York, Chicago, Tampa, SanFransico, Ireland, Canada, Colorado, Arizona, Maine, New Orleans, and countless other places.

It has competed in the Empire State Games, and walked across the stage of several schools and universities to accept numerous diplomas and degrees.

Isn't that hip jar worthy? A trophy of sorts?

Here's to your new hip Dad! I can see why you need a new one. You've totally abused this one. Shame on you.
Can't wait to see my new bionic dad in action.

Now for all of you who feel compelled to leave goodwill messages to my dad, feel free. However, please remember my Mom. She will be the one who has to listen to Dad complain about not being able to ride his bike while he is recovering. Mom may be the one who deserves the trophy in the end.


Dawn said...

OH MY! Such a Dad you have! He is amazing, and I bet he flies through the rehab because he's in such great shape. And of course because he is stubborn and will do more than they ask of him in order to get out on the road sooner. Good luck to him. AND to your Mom, because truly she'll bear the brunt of his recovery, as short as it is likely to be, there will still be recovery.

Best wishes to all your family!

Anonymous said...


madcobug said...

I would say that knee would be worth saving and showing off. Prayers for him and for your mom who will hear his complaints and probably help him a good bit. Helen

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Gosh, what a wonderful and well-written post, Sara! Good luck to your dad tomorrow - hope all goes well and that he gets many, many miles out of his new hip! And of course, we'll be thinking of your mom! She will have the more difficult job!

Diana said...

Good luck to your mom and dad. My grandfather has gotten 2 new hips. He got the first one , felt great. Then proceeded to wear it out. He moved huge trees, large bolders and dug out a basement in New Hampshire. Have you seen the rocks in NH? Huge. Anyway, he didnt over work his second hip. He still has it and he is 87yo. Anyway, good luck. Diana

the hip dad said...

hmm. thanks, I think

Marybeth said...

Please Sara, the man is a mathematician. He walks the hypotenuse, not the diagonal!!!

Lian said...

Hi Sara,

Sounds like you have a wonderful dad! Good luck to him tomorrow and he sure will be back in action once he is fit!

Dad said...

Sara I see that yiu have a wonderful Dad, I wish that I could meet him, Tell him that Mary and I are thinking of him.

Melissa Stankovich said...

Sara, I know your dad through TNT. What a great dad you have. I'm sure at the first chance he gets, he'll be back on that bike pedaling around aimlessly! I too agree...Your mom....She will earn that trophy, I'm sure of it! Great post, it was nice to see some old photos too. Good Luck today Len, and to a speedy recovery!

Mandy said...

What a great tribute! Wishing him (and your mother) all the best!

Ludo van Doggy said...

What a fantastic life that hip has had! You are so right, it is jar worthy!
Best wishes to your Dad, and especially your Mum!

Dawn said...

Hope things went well today!