Friday, October 9, 2009

hotel for dogs

When we drove down to NJ to be with my sister and nephews, Jeff and I just threw the dogs in the car. No time to arrange for a pet sitter. I wanted to get to my sister as soon as possible.

My mom found a hotel that allows dogs in the room, so the dogs had their first stay in a hotel. They handled it with flying colors.
At my sister's house, Oreo spent a lot of time in his crate, where he felt safe. Misty spent a lot of time eating from the bowl of cat food. Oreo did play ball in the back yard, and went on a walk with me, my sister, a couple of her friends, my 3 year old nephew, and my 7 year old nephew who was on a scooter. He didn't seem nervous about that at all!

Talk about extreme socialization!

My 3 year old nephew got in both the dogs' playpen and the crate (when the dogs weren't in them). He called Oreo's crate his "van". My nephew was the source of a lot of smiles this week. Together, we taught Misty how to knock down his set of bowling pins. It was a really cute trick. My nephew got to work the clicker, a bit overzealously at times.

Both dogs waited patiently in the car during the memorial service.

I'm glad I brought them with us. They were comforting for me, and it would have been added stress, if I was worrying about how they were doing left alone at home.

Thank goodness they have spent so much time traveling, using crates, waiting in the car and such during agility classes, trials and seminars. It really came in handy this week.


Diana said...

Im glad there were some happy moments over the last few days. Diana

Dawn said...

And you know what else? The dogs were a source of distraction for you and the kids. A place of happiness to focus on during overwhelming sadness. Sort of like therapy dogs, and they did their job so well! I wouldn't have expected anything else from them. Still holding you and your family in my heart. The children are so young and there is a very long road ahead of you all.

Jules said...

That's great you were able to bring the dogs. I am sure they helped everyone cope.

madcobug said...

I am glad that you took them. It took a lot off the minds of everyone including you and the kids enjoyed being with them. It was a lot of entertainment for all. Helen

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I'm sure it was a blessing to have Oreo and Misty along. Thank goodness for dogs!

LauraK said...

It always amazes me how agility training comes in handy in everyday life :) I was thinking about you a lot these past couple days, and I'm glad that you had your pups with your family for comfort. Dogs seem to be pros at that kind of stuff :)

Anonymous said...

nice dogs