Saturday, October 24, 2009

green tunnel of love

Oreo was a bit out of sorts at class today. It was pouring rain and windy outside. This creates some weird sound effects in the coverall building. Oreo usually isn't bothered by weather related noises at home, but I guess this was a different location.

His safety zone was a green tunnel. Whenever there was a strange noise, he headed right into the green tunnel.
This was the same tunnel we had so much trouble with at a DOCNA trial this summer. After the trial, I gave him lots of treats for going in the green tunnel! Guess he never forgot that?

So, it wasn't our best class ever. Oreo was very distracted, even though there were hardly any distractions around!

Just not his day. It happens.

He did do his weave poles correctly each time, so that was an improvement from last time. My teacher had gone out to the field to bring a "good" set inside for my sensitive boy.

My teacher wanted us to leave on a positive note. She set up a speed circle using a few jumps set at low heights, the beloved green tunnel, and another tunnel at the opposite end. First I ran with Oreo, and he seemed happy and was speedy.

Then, she had me run Oreo and Misty at the same time. That was fun. You could see a bit of sibling rivalry coming out, as Oreo had to keep pushing forward to stay ahead of Misty.

It was a good way to end class.

My teacher mentioned me joining the local winter agility league. The group was actually written up in the October issue of Clean Run, page 38. I think it would be great for us. You get to try out different venues. Treats are allowed. Plus, you only do a couple runs.

Sounds like it would be a great way for Oreo to gain some experience in a positive, and less stressful manner than an actual trial.

We haven't trialed in a while. I have an entry ready to go for a CPE trial over New Year's, but I'm only signing us up for 2 runs. We may not even get into the trial. It usually fills, and ends up in a lottery.

I'm thinking we may forgo trialing over the winter, and just do the league. Then, hit the circuit again in the spring, after Oreo gains a bit more confidence. If we stay in level 2/3 CPE for the rest of our careers, I'm really ok with that. I'm more about personal Q's, than the ones on paper.


Dawn said...

Sounds like a sensible plan to me! Oreo would probably benefit from a lot of different venues, to find out it's OK to be somewhere new. Plus there's be no real stress..just lots of fun! I am always up for some fun, stress free time with my dog!

Diana said...

It does sound like a good idea and fun. Im glad class ended on a happy, positive note. Diana

madcobug said...

Bless his heart. That tunnel was dark and safe. LOL on him and Misty both running to get into it. Helen

Kathy said...

The league sounds like a lot of fun. You did your job well if the green tunnel now feels safe ;-) and used to be scary. I love what you say about the personal Q's being most important, that is sooo very true.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

The agility league sounds like lots of fun and good experience! And I bet a year from now, no one will recognize Oreo or me because we'll be so fast and confident!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Hee! Hee! I have a friend who does that with a Tunnel too - his human has given up doing Agility with him because he would always just run into the tunnel and then just sit there in the middle and not come out! :-)