Thursday, October 1, 2009

exciting news

My teacher told me last night that next year's DOCNA nationals are going to be held at her place! Too cool.

Now I am extra excited that we have already qualified. We won't have to travel, and Oreo will be in a familiar environment. Plus, I'm really happy for my teacher and her husband. They are good people, will be wonderful hosts, and deserve it!

They just took in 7 new foster dogs, temporarily until they move onto their "permanent foster homes". They got the dogs, as a result of a raid on a puppy mill in Tennessee, which was actually dubbing itself a"rescue" in order to maintain non profit status. The dogs were in wretched condition. The man had over 100 dogs.

I thought I'd share the story. The photos are heartbreaking, but if you click on "more photos from day 1", you'll see the kind people, with their loving hands welcoming the dogs to the farm. Read the descriptions written about each dog, and you'll know these dogs will be loved and cared for.

I got to meet the 7 dogs last night. As soon as my teacher and I walked into the agility building, all you could hear were tails thumping against their crates. I wanted to cry.

Some one had sent a box filled with some new toys. One of the dogs found joy in a stuffed fleece bone for the first time in her life. How lucky I was there to witness. She kept going back to the box to look for more toys. The dogs were so sweet, and loved the attention. How sad that they had been living without affection their whole lives.

Here is the story. The dogs are in a good place now.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Well the DOCNA nationals being at your instructor's place is just awesome! Can't get luckier than that!

We had heard about the BC puppy mill in Tenn on another blog (can't remember which one) and it is just horrible! Glad to know that some of the dogs are in a better place now.

Nicki said...

Poor dogs. I'm glad they got them out. Some people are so sick.

Dawn said...

Katie should read this, then she'd know how lucky she is. Her breeder was choosing between us, who would keep her as a pet, and another breeder who wanted her for breeding. I think Katie won that gamble.

I wish all the lucky 7 great new homes in the near future. They each deserve to sleep upside down in a king size bed between loving human parents. I hope they get at least that...

Greg S said...

So you get the Eastern DOCNA Championships and I have heard they may put the Western DOCNA championships here in Colorado.
We competed in the championships last year and had a good time. I wasn't up for the trip this year but if they are local, you cant do better than that!

Diana said...

I cant imagine all the work that goes into Nationals. After running our trial, I sure wouldnt want to do that.

Those poor dogs, hopefully they will have better lives now. Diana

Jules said...

Oh my, those are lucky, lucky dogs. Poor things.

That is super the DOCNA Championships will be held at your trainers place. I am sure you will have a blast!