Friday, September 4, 2009

tunnel fun

Last night after dinner, I went out with Oreo to play ball like usual. He picked up his ball, but once we were outside, he didn't show all that much interest in playing.

Oh well, I thought maybe he was tired.

I went to put his ball in his toy box, and saw a new tug toy (actually a replacement of one he had previously shredded to tiny bits). It has been sitting on the top of his toybox for at least a month. Oreo hasn't even noticed it. However, when I picked it up today, Oreo lunged at it and started jumping around like a crazy dog. I was shocked.

It was as though he was saying, "Where have you been hiding this fabulous toy? This is the best toy ever! I love it! I love you! This is Great! Let's go! Let's Go! Let's Go!"

OK. I thought, with this enthusiasm, I'm going to throw in some agility stuff.

Inspired by Honey's triumph over the chute, I pulled out our tunnel/chute and a tunnel, and just ran Oreo through those. I also threw in our new startline routine a couple times. Spin right/spin left....Go.

Oreo had a lot of fun. I like this going back to basics stuff.

It is funny, whenever Oreo wants to play he usually picks up either his orbee or his planet dog softball. So, I assume those are the toys he wants to play with. But the past few days, when I pulled a different toy out of the box, he got super excited. I am going to have to try and do that more often.

If I can dredge up this enthusiasm tonight....I think we'll work on the on the teeter.


Dawn said...

What a pretty back yard to do agility in! I often think that I could box up 90% of Katie's toys and then give them back to her one at a time in about 6 mos. She always wants to play with the "new" one!

Misty is one smart sheltie!

LauraK said...

It's amazing how much we forget about the basics sometimes- looks like you're having a lot of fun this week with them.

I wish Homer would just lay outside quietly like Misty while we practice agility :) We put him on the deck or even inside and he still whines like a baby the whole time- it's so obnoxious! He always gets his turn with training, but I can't do much because of his bad knees :( MIsty is so cute!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Double tunnel looks like lots of fun! I am enjoying your back to basics videos!

madcobug said...

Cute video. Misty looks so cool LOL. Helen

Nicki said...

Legend is the opposite of that. She fixates on one toy and will only play with that. Even if you throw another one, she'll just stare at you. When the special toy gets destroyed she spends a day or two deciding on a new one. She's weird.

Diana said...

I love the colors in the video. Looks like lots of fun ( and work). Diana