Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tricky T-Day ~ Human Hurdle

I was doing some "free timin'" with Oreo, holding my leg up, seeing what he would do. One time, he jumped right over my leg. I clicked and gave him a jackpot. I thought it was so great, it should be our tricky t-day trick. I went in the house to get the video camera.

Well, Oreo just wouldn't repeat the trick, and my leg was really starting to hurt.

I remember our gym teachers making us do a similar "warm up" exercise, holding our leg up while they counted to ten, and all the girls in my class would be screaming in pain. I never understood why their legs hurt so bad; my legs were accustomed to the position from gymnastics. At the time, I could've held my leg in the air for an hour.

Now I understand.

I was forced to change my position, and Oreo came up with a cool trick that I think would be fun in a dance routine too.

Sorry, the video is a bit longer than I like to publish, but I didn't want to disappoint Misty's ever growing fan club. Misty joined in the fun, to the best of her ability, proving that this isn't a hard trick to learn. She learned just by watching Oreo....I taught her nothing. She just did it with a slight hand lure.

Here is a video, with a bit of the process and our laughable results! In some parts, Oreo looks more like a kangaroo than a dog.


After learning this trick, I consulted our trick book to see how the author suggested teaching it to your dog. She said to introduce this trick to your dog in a hallway. That way the dog can't go around your leg.

Really, I don't think you need to be that regimented. If your dog is into doing tricks at the moment, he/she will figure it out without having to feel trapped.

Misty (and Oreo) are in a "not so tricky" contest. If you'd like to vote for Misty click here. She's number 11.

I felt silly voting for my own dogs, so I voted for Katie, Ricky & Honey ~ all fellow tricky t-day players, and good blogger buddies. Good luck to them!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Your videos always make mom smile! We love Oreo's new trick! You make awesome tricky t-day videos and you're so creative at coming up with new ideas! Oreo is such a smart dog and a quick learner. Misty too! We voted for her in the not-tricky contest even though we know she is a great trick dog. Her photo is perfect for not-tricky!

Fizz said...

Pawsome tricks Oreo & Misty! :-)
Fizz xxx

Kathy said...

who would think teaching a trick would be a exercise for the person-(you trying to hold up your leg), LOL????? That really looked like so much fun, AWESOME tricks!!!

Diana said...

Very cool trick! Diana

the hip dad said...

who knew dogs could jump sideways.

Marybeth said...

I was also amazed and impressed by the sideways jump!